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HirePro Assessment solutions cover the entire gamut of online assessments viz. Aptitude, Language, Functional, Technical, Coding and Behavioural assessments through an all-in-one multi purpose platform. HirePro offers customized assessment as per domain, function or skill set. Hundreds of clients have put faith in our Assessment platform, using it to quickly evaluate large candidate pools, and seeing a substantial improvement in overall recruitment outcomes.

  • Ensure high quality hiring
  • Improve selection & recruitment outcomes
  • Process candidates faster and speedup the recruitment process
  • Quickly ramp up teams
  • Improve candidate experience
  • Reduce logistics and interviewer effort
  • Perform Data driven informed decision making
  • Eliminate bias and improve Diversity


HirePro offers customized assessment as per domain, function or skill set. Our remote and asynchronous assessments lead to better selection ratio with reduction of logistics, turn-around time and interviewer effort.

Our Assessment Design Flow Cover


HirePro has enabled the assessment of over 500,000 candidates to date, with Pan-India delivery and logistics support capabilities. HirePro has a range of assessment solutions to suit diverse types of assessment requirements.

  • Proctored assessments
  • Remote delivery
  • Customized campus solutions
  • Establishment of physical assessment centres
  • Logistics and end-to-end management of assessment centres
  • ISO10667 Compliant Test Development
  • Large Validated Question Bank
  • 40+ SMEs for specialized assessment content development
  • Tie-ups with external industry/domain experts
  • Two rounds of Technical and Quality reviews before publishing
  • Security protocol followed in Tool based Question paper generation
  • Categorized questions based on Manual and Automated difficulty level index
    • Categorization is based on Blooms taxonomy
    • Difficulty level index is based on Subject matter expert inputs & History of Scoring patterns from candidate assessments