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A Whole New World of Campus Recruitment Solutions

In the highly competitive world of campus recruitment, HirePro acts as an expert partner to help companies navigate the landscape – from choosing the right campus set to running effective campaigns and managing resource-intensive recruitment simultaneously across several campuses, in a well-coordinated manner.

Our Campus RPO solution is built on the unmatched strengths of access to over 2000 campuses across the nation, an intuitive understanding of academic specialization of each campus and in-depth profiling of campuses and talent on various parameters. This creates the foundation for the HirePro’s science of assessment concepts, design and development.

As a result of our knowledge of campuses and their placement lifecycles, we are able to help companies draw up the ideal campus recruitment program and implement it in an impeccably coordinated manner. The icing on the cake is the specialist Campus RPO solution which promises to make your recruitment process completely paperless and clutter-free.

           How Does It Work?

CRPO Customization

This industry is one of the largest deployments of educated workforce in India. Serving the west and increasing business set-ups in developing countries, the talent requirements vary dramatically. With execution directly correlated to talent and deployment, both the quality of talent sourcing and efficiency of processing the same is very important.

HirePro Campus RPO solutions for the ITeS industry are designed to evaluate and acquire the right talent while streamlining and increasing the reach and sourcing capability of your organization. Combined with our sourcing solutions HirePro Metrix offers a complete solution of sourcing, evaluating and engaging talent.

According to an independent research report, less than 27.4% of all technical graduates are employable. While 30% of the same are available in the top 300 colleges the rest are in over 4000+ colleges. Is your hiring quality consistent across hundreds of locations? Has your test been compromised? Are you missing out on good candidates, whereas hiring the wrong ones?

Working with some of the largest IT companies in the country, HirePro has helped Fortune 500 companies’ hire 1000s of IT professionals in the shortest TAT. Our client solutions team can build customized solutions as per the needs of the customer. With a pan-India presence, we can help you with sourcing, evaluating and hiring talent from across the country.

With business performance directly correlated to talent, the quality of talent is of utmost importance. India, with a population of more than a billion and its rising per capita income, provides an enormous opportunity for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies to expand by introducing new products, leveraging technology and ramping up pan-India.

HirePro manages to hire talent in congruence with an objective requirement of skills related to a functional profile. It is efficiently carried out with the use of best scientific assessments and process management tools from the RPO space.