Resumes can be quite baffling when choosing the best candidate, as there are several tools that design resumes for candidates. And that’s when hiring managers have to conduct interviews to understand the candidate’s background better, which usually is time-consuming.

Do you recall a moment when you had to take many, unnecessary interviews to find that one good hire? For your next candidate selection, we’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff, so you can focus on your business!

HirePro Interviews provide you an in-depth and unbiased view of a candidate’s technical capabilities, to help you save time and effort in your hiring process. Our network of subject matter experts do the hard work of filtering the candidates so that your interviewers can spend their time more productively.

Our on-demand Interview panelists are industry experts with strong people management and hands-on technical experience in a variety of skills, who’ve taken up roles as in Solution Architects, Senior Engineers, Technical Managers, etc.

To make your interviewing process super-efficient, supercharge your hiring strategy with the help of our custom interview services!

HirePro Interview Services

Why you should choose our interview services?

  • Enhanced quality of hires with only high-quality candidates for final selection
  • Elimination of hidden costs in your hiring process
  • Saving hours of time which otherwise would have to spent on interviewing
       unqualified candidates
  • No logistics hassles as candidates are interviewed remotely
  • Faster time to hire
  • Elimination of any kind of interviewer bias and improved hiring diversity
  • Better candidate experience due to faster processing
  • Higher selection ratio, for instance, when you select one of the three candidates you interview

How do our interview services work?

  • 1. In-depth study of JD to identify skills and competencies
            to be evaluated
  • 2. Interview panel identification
  • 3. Panel shortlisting and selection by client
  • 4. Expectation setting for panels on what to look for
  • 5. Interview feedback template preparation
  • 6. Interview scheduling and execution
  • 7. Go – no go decision and feedback completion
  • 8. Process management and analytics

We are here to solve your interview challenges. Let’s talk!

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