Seamless Onboarding to Welcome New Employees

    Seamless Onboarding to Welcome New Employees

      Your partner beyond hiring

      We understand that a recruiter?s job is not over until candidates begin their first day at work.

      After the offer, candidates look for hand-holding to get detailed information about their new employer, which may be related to the company?s policies, joining procedures and the likes. It is important to continue engaging with candidates even after the offer has been made, until they join work. An engaging, branded onboarding experience distinguishes you from your peer companies.

      HirePro Onboarding customises the onboarding experience as per your needs. Our SaaS-based platform automates the post-offer engagement and onboarding activities. We understand that candidates want a smooth onboarding experience, the HR operations team wants adherence to the compliance guidelines, and the recruiter wants to fulfill these two requirements. Our Onboarding platform goes the extra mile to close this loop delightfully and ensure your candidates are well-settled in their new environment.

      Making frictionless onboarding a reality

      Easy set up

      An easy set up process and support from our expert team - that?s all it takes to revamp your onboarding process


      AI-driven automation to check and verify documents, and respond to candidates? queries

      Customisable platform

      Flexibility that allows you to completely customise and offer an experience with your brand at the centre

      Distinguished experience

      Digital document collection to avoid filling up documents on the first day. Automated communication to ensure better engagement

      Trusted by several industry leaders to make their onboarding process flawless and unique.

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      Remarkable human experiences delivered by automation

      Your brand at the centre

      With our customisable onboarding platform, deliver your brand experience to candidates and help them learn about working at your organisation. Introduce your new hires to yours company philosophy and culture, and important organisational policies. Enable a buddy system to make new employees feel comfortable. HirePro Onboarding also comes with projects and assignments to keep candidates engaged before they actually dive into some real work.

      Elevated candidate engagement

      Elevated candidate engagement

      With many organisations vying for the best talent pool, there is a real need to keep your hires from dropping off before their joining date. Communicate joining procedures, company policies, and other important messages pertaining to orientation using HirePro Onboarding. Address the candidates? queries and put them at ease with comprehensive auto-responses delivered by specialised AI algorithms.

      Elevated candidate engagement

      Paperless document collection and verification

      Onboarding involves collecting, checking, and verifying multiple documents for every new hire. Documents can be easily uploaded on and validated using HirePro Onboarding. Verification checks for standard identification documents such as Passport, PAN, and Aadhar card are inbuilt in the platform. Support for digital signatures makes the process faster and seamless.

      Paperless document collection and verification
      Accurate analytics

      Accurate analytics and reports

      Our tool has in-built advanced analytics and reporting features to help recruiters and hiring managers make informed decisions and track the status of offers rolled out, accepted and rejected.

      Accurate analytics

      Customisable configuration

      HirePro Onboarding can easily be integrated with any ATS that has API support. This affords you the freedom to continue using your current ATS with added advantages of our onboarding offering. The interface also has an option to configure the approval process to suit your enterprise needs.

      Customisable configuration

      Experience AI-powered, remote onboarding today!

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