Exceptional Virtual Interviews With No Impersonation

    Exceptional Virtual Interviews With No Impersonation

      Hire faster with hassle-free live or asynchronous interviews

      Faster time
      to hire

      All-in-one interview platform that eliminates the hassles of scheduling and conducting interviews, and collects feedback digitally

      Impersonation-proof interviews

      Automatically detect if the interviewee is the registered candidate with AI-powered ID verification

      Interactive digital

      Conduct superior interviews through live coding, whiteboarding, screen sharing, and digitised feedback

      Uninterrupted videos, even at low bandwidth

      Well-tested on home, office and mobile networks. Reap the benefits of high quality interviews even at bandwidths as low as 128kbps

      Trusted by enterprises to ease their interview process

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      Live Interviews

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      Video Answers

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      Secure Live, Coding, or Asynchronous interviews. It?s yours to choose.

      Live interactive video interviews

      Conduct live video interviews, with screen sharing and whiteboarding, to find the best talent for your organisation. One-on-one interviews or group interviews – we help you do it seamlessly.

      Evaluate candidates remotely on skills and personality! For more information on assistance with interviews, click here.


      Live coding interviews

      Host interactive coding sessions with candidates to accurately assess their technical skills in an unbiased manner. Choose coding questions from our library or have a brainstorming session over a shared coding window. Our platform supports over 28 programming languages.

      Gauge programming and problem-solving skills with ease.


      Asynchronous video interviews

      Increase speed and bring consistency to the interview process by sharing standardised questions with a pool of candidates. Candidates can record their answers and interviewers can review them at their convenience. Evaluate multiple candidates in the time it takes to schedule and interview just one!

      Take scheduling issues out of the equation!

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      Advanced impersonation detection to ensure authenticity

      Ensure that the interview is attended only by the registered candidate using our AI-powered identity verification. Verify the candidate?s identity against their registration photo, driving license, passport, tax card, voter?s card, or national identity card. Get the complete video recording for later reviews and audits.

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      Advanced scheduling and feedback collection

      Avoid scheduling hassles with quick scheduling, self-scheduling, live scheduling, and bulk scheduling options. Automatically send calendar invites with interview details and résumé. Digitise interview feedback collection with online forms that can be customised by job, interview round, and more.

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      Security and compliance

      Our platform is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. All the client data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We apply strong password policies for data access. Data can be deleted/extracted on request or as per contract. Personally identifiable information is encrypted at rest, and data transfers are encrypted using https or ssh. Audit trails and logs are maintained for all activities.

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      Experience advanced interviews, easily integrable with your ATS and calendars

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