Fresh Talent at its Best,

    Fresh Talent at its Best,

    With nearly 43,000 colleges spread across the country, the Indian college topography is diverse and highly competitive. Finding the right talent from among the 1 crore+ students graduating every year is no small challenge.

    Find the best talent from top colleges in India with our unique campus solution

    HirePro has offered University Hiring Solutions since 2004. We understand the complexities of college recruitment like nobody else does. We’ve witnessed how the campus hiring scenario changes every year and have helped customers navigate it to find the right candidates. Our experience speaks for us and makes us a knowledgeable partner.

    We work hand in hand with you to help achieve your fresher’s hiring goals from choosing the right colleges to efficiently managing resource-intensive hiring events simultaneously across institutions. Our expert team is with you at every step, be it on-ground or remote recruitment, to ensure a seamless candidate experience.

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    A comprehensive solution for
    seamless college hiring

    Advisory services

    Our strong connection with colleges across the country helps you decide the best ones, the specific skill sets to assess, and the right compensation packages to offer. We also guide you on engaging with colleges and maintaining relations with universities.

    Content services

    We develop customized assessment content in various types such as MCQs, coding tests, or non-technical tests, that evaluate skills most needed for your organization.

    Operations management

    Our team takes responsibility for end-to-end coordination between colleges and clients, infrastructure and logistics support, and candidate's communication.

    Interview services

    We take care of everything from scheduling, arranging a panel of expert interviewers to conduct interviews to communicating with candidates.

    We deliver, no matter what role or scale

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