Gauge Talent for Necessary Domain Skills

Gauge Talent for Necessary Domain Skills

Spot the best talent with precision

Scientifically crafted for any role and industry

Test candidates for personality, aptitude, technical and domain skills using an uncommon library of over 100,000 questions


Automatically detect and control cheating with AI-powered, live and automated proctoring

Diverse formats for diverse needs

Assess candidates your way using diverse formats such as MCQ, subjective, coding, video, drawing, fill in the blanks and more

Superior candidate experience

An intuitive interface for web and mobile, backed by the platform which recovers gracefully from machine and internet issues

The platform with unlimited scale serving customers since 16 years

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Assessments delivered

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End-to-end platform for precise functional assessments

Wide range of customisable assessments for multiple domains and roles

The HirePro platform is rich with deep, well-researched, and extensively-tested assessment content. Choose from a wide range of technical assessments (backend programming, database programming, frontend programming, scripting, and more), or aptitude assessments (logical reasoning, data interpretation, quantitative ability, verbal ability, and more), or functional assessments (finance and accounting, sales, HR, supply chain management, law, and more), or psychometric/personality assessments, or communication assessments. You have the option to administer assessments in multiple regional languages too.

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Advanced automated proctoring technology

Built by a team of experts with more than 20 patents, HirePro Assessments comes with automated detection and control of cheating.
It lets you automatically notice fraudulent behavior through AI-powered impersonation and multiple people detection, plagiarism report, and code playback.
You can control fraudulent behaviour through AI-powered live proctoring, automated warnings and disqualification, question randomisation and auto-expiration, secure browser, and granular access control with time, IP and browser.

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Diverse assessment formats for diverse needs

Our assessment platform can take in your specific requirements. You have the option to assess candidates using diverse formats such as MCQ, subjective, coding, video answers, typing, drawing, true/false, fill in the blanks, upload, and more.


Superior candidate experience

You are assured of creating a superior candidate experience with our simple and intuitive interface compatible with web and mobile. The platform eliminates retests by gracefully recovering from machine and internet issues. Automatic emails and SMS triggers ensure continued candidate engagement. The platform also provides the capability to offer candidate support via phone, chat, and email.


Security and compliance

Our platform is ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant. All the customer data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We apply strong password policies for data access. Data can be deleted/extracted on request or as per contract. Personally identifiable information is encrypted at rest, and data transfers are encrypted using https or ssh. Audit trails and logs are maintained for all activities.


Automation for test administrators

We understand the workflow of test administrators and our platform automates them. Our assessments can help you manage test validity automatically, digitise candidate registration, and automate the eligibility check which can be customised to any specific assessment need.

You can configure candidate emails and SMSes for better engagement, create multiple tiers of tests with automatic shortlisting, and evaluate test results automatically.

It also offers automatic data sync with your ATS and customisable reports for your review.


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