10 ATS Myths Busted for You

Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the name is self-explanatory, right?
But is that all that an ATS does? Not anymore.
Most ATSs have evolved to become the heart of an efficient recruitment process. Organizations use ATSs to streamline their recruitment process right from sourcing to screening, assessments, interviews and offer management. An ATS is, in fact, a talent management system that allows you to hire the right people efficiently and effectively.

So why are some organizations still reluctant to adopt this tool that would empower them to hire the best talent available? It could be because of some common misconceptions about ATSs. Let’s take a look at some of the myths that abound around ATSs and see if there’s any level of truth in these stories.

Myth 1
All the ATSs are the Same!

A common misconception about ATSs is that they are all the same. That would be like saying that all cars are the same. After all, they take you from point A to point B, right? But would you buy a two-seater sports car for your family of seven? No, you’d get a MUV or SUV.

The same applies to ATSs. For example, some ATSs could be designed to take care of your campus recruitments while few others might be suitable for lateral recruitments. You might have some niche requirements that require a highly customizable ATS. So, when looking for options, please make sure to articulate your specific requirements and ensure that you are choosing the right ATS for your company.

Myth 2
It’s Just a Resume Dump Yard

Some people think and say that an ATS is just a database for resumes. Not true!
It’s much more than a database. Will a database automatically sort resumes and fish out the most relevant one? Will just a database allow you to automate the entire hiring process?
That’s what an ATS does. It helps you streamline and automate your entire hiring workflow.

Myth 3
ATSs are for the Big Guys

Don’t fall for this one. You’ll be told that an ATS would be an unnecessary expense for a small business.
The truth is those small businesses need an ATS more than a large organization with large HR teams does. When you have limited resources with many people wearing multiple hats, a system that could bring efficiency to the process could be a boon. If you choose the optimal ATS that suits your business, it will turn out to be cost-efficient for you.

Myth 4
It’s too Time Consuming!

Yes, like any other new system it will take some time to implement. Ensure that you choose an ATS that offers support and training for your HR team. Also, ensure that it has a modern and user-friendly interface. However, once you’ve set it up and started the process, you’ll notice that it saves your team’s time significantly.

Myth 5
It’s too Expensive

Now you’re being penny wise and pound foolish. An ATS is quite cost-effective in the long run because it allows you to streamline your entire hiring process. It empowers you to find efficiencies in the most unlikely places.

Myth 6
You’ll Lose Your Personal Touch with an ATS

Many recruiters feel that automated processes through an ATS make the entire process mechanical, without the human touch.
This is far from the truth. An ATS is just a tool that helps you automate your hiring process. The decision to hire a candidate still lies with the hiring team. In fact, the ATS simplifies the entire process of keeping in touch with the candidate.

Myth 7
You are Doomed If Your Team isn’t Technically Savvy

Like any other new system, your team will need initial training. Ensure that your ATS partner is capable of efficiently hand-holding your team initially. You do not need any specific skills or technical knowledge to work with an ATS.

Myth 8
ATSs are Not Secure

Data Security and Privacy are key factors when choosing an ATS. Do check out the data security and privacy policy of the ATS before going ahead with it. For example, HirePro’s Campus Hiring Workflows is 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant. All the customer data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We apply strong password policies for data access. Data can be deleted/extracted on request or as per contract. Personally, identifiable information is encrypted at rest, and data transfers are encrypted using HTTPS or SSH. Audit trails and logs are maintained for all activities.

Myth 9
You’ll Need to Change Your HR Processes

Yet another myth! Most ATSs are web-based SaaS systems that will not interfere with any of your HR processes. Of course, you might have to adjust your hiring processes to optimise the efficiencies that a given ATS is configured with.

Myth 10
ATSs are Not Customisable

Many HR managers feel that ATSs are off-the-shelf products that cannot be customised to your requirements. ATSs are customisable to suit your requirements. In fact, this could be one of the questions in your checklist when you are out shopping for an ATS.

Most ATSs have been designed to enhance your hiring team’s efficiency and get you the best results possible at the optimal cost. You just need to make sure that you are choosing the right one for yourself. If you do your due diligence and assess several systems with a checklist of what you want and what you don’t, you’ll surely find your ideal ATS. Maybe a JD for the ATS would work!