4 ways you can save your interviewing efforts with expert interviews

James Collins, management guru and author of the book Good to Great, once said:
“… the single biggest constraint on the success of my organisation is the ability to get and to hang on to enough of the right people.”

Finding and retaining the right people is crucial for the success of any organisation—this cannot be emphasised enough. Companies are going all guns blazing, scouring for the best talent in the market. In this hunt for the best talent, many companies are turning to experts from outside the organisation to run the interview game. More and more companies are beginning to believe that an outside panel of experts could help them get them the right bunch, with the right skills, from which to choose.
So,why are organisations banking on external support to conduct interviews? In certain cases, companies either do not have in-house experts or face a dearth of in-house interviewers to conduct interviews in specific technologies. Even if there are in-house experts, companies often want to get a third party perspective about a candidate, to confirm candidate suitability and make more informed hiring decisions. Besides, recruiters, at times, experience scheduling conflicts with in-house interviewers. This could result in candidate dropouts arising from the delay in conducting interviews.

4 ways you can save your interviewing efforts with expert interviews

Why take the expert interview route?

Improved quality of hire: When key technical positions need to be filled, organisations often rely on companies that provide expert interviewers. These interviewers are adept in the requisite domains and technology, and know the best way to evaluate and select top candidates for the job. Not just that, interviews can even be customised based on the specific role or expectations of the position. This results in a more accurate evaluation and selection, thereby improving the quality of the hire.

Reduction in hiring time: Getting in-house interviewers to evaluate potential candidates can become a scheduling nightmare for recruiters! Delay in conducting interviews leads to longer turnaround times. These situations are rife for candidates dropping out of the interview cycle and opting to join rival companies that have a more streamlined interview process, not to mention the damage it wreaks on the employer’s reputation and branding. Letting the experts take charge of interviews not only lessens the load on the recruiter, but also ensures reduction in the time to hire a candidate.

Cost savings: Outsourcing of interviews saves time for companies’ in-house experts who would otherwise be required to spend a significant part of their bandwidth for conducting interviews and evaluating candidates. This time could be better utilised in performing their regular tasks, resulting in substantial cost savings for the organisation. Once the expert interviewers step in, they enable faster pipeline processing of candidates and nimble scaling up of teams through precise and accurate evaluation.

Eliminate bias in candidate selection: Every organisation would want the best candidate to fill in a particular job opening. However, when companies use in-house interviewers, bias often creeps into the interview process, much to the detriment of the organisation. When interviews are outsourced to expert interviewers, there are fewer chances for any favouritism or partiality to enter the system. This measure ensures inclusive interview practices to select the best talent, benefitting the company in the long run.

Outsourcing interviews lets organisations focus on their core strengths and business activities without the distractions of organising logistics and interviewers for hiring purposes. Allowing experts to handle the crucial aspect of conducting interviews has the potential to help organisations revolutionise recruitment by maximising their own resources. HirePro offers expert interview solutions with qualified subject matter experts who have decades of industry experience. Reach out to HirePro at sales@hirepro.in or 080 6656 6000 to know more.