5 Reasons to use Video Interviews for University Hiring

Last year, the pandemic forced organizations to come up with alternative solutions for conducting campus recruitment. Remote technology for conducting interviews gained ground as restrictions on in-person interactions continued to be imposed by governments worldwide. One year on, video interviews are widely accepted as a solution for high-volume campus recruitment. Since virtual campus hiring is now here to stay, this is a good time to look at the efficacy of video interviewing and the advantages it offers. When done correctly, video interviews can be just as effective as in-person interviews.

Convenience for candidates and interviewers

Talented candidates can be approached easily and hiring managers can effectively engage them in a non-committal way. One of the greatest advantages of video interviews is that it is a time-saver as it allows flexibility to schedule interviews according to the convenience of time-pressured candidates. Video interviews also get completed sooner than in-person interviews. For a recruiting organization, this means a greater number of candidates can be screened in less time, so that more time can be spent with the most qualified candidates before hiring.

Cost reduction

Video interviews reduce the travel costs of candidates and interviewers. This is the primary reason for most recruiters to use video interviews. These cost savings are multiplied when international talent/interviewers are involved.

High volume hiring

Companies such as TCS and Wipro hire thousands of students through campus hiring every year. Asynchronous video interviews come in handy when hiring such large volumes, owing to the flexibility they offer to hiring managers and candidates.

Better assessment of skills

Video interviewing enables recruiters to closely observe a candidate’s facial expressions, body language, and overall appearance. These non-verbal clues can help hiring managers to decide if the candidate is a good fit for their company. The visual screening can highlight how well the candidate researched the company based on how he/she dresses for the video interview, the time taken to respond thoughtfully to questions and other aspects which showcase the candidate’s communication skills.

The use of live coding windows allows enhanced assessment of candidates’ technical skills. The use of in-built whiteboarding enables hiring managers to witness candidates’ problems solving skills.

Evaluation of candidates’ command over technology

Video interviews provide a good yardstick for measuring the tech-savviness of the candidates as it will directly affect their remote work productivity. The hiring managers can, for example, discuss the interviewee’s social media profiles, online portfolio, live-work samples, and presentations right alongside the interview discussion. They can also share their own content with candidates while starting discussions, to see how well candidates interact with them in cyberspace.

Connecting with talent across the world

Video interviewing can enable access to international talent efficiently and cost-effectively. This may help the company to bring in a global perspective.

Detect and Control impersonation in interviews

One disadvantage of using remote technology in mass recruitment drives is the risk of impersonation, due to the absence of conventional, one-on-one, in-person interactions with candidates. A dedicated video interviewing platform, however, can get around this problem as it uses AI-powered ID verification to automatically detect if the interviewee is the registered candidate and it functions throughout the video interview process.

With the expected advances in holographic imaging and augmented reality, it is safe to say that the video interview experience will become an integral part of the hiring process in the years to come. While doing video interviews, the abilities of the candidates can be tested through digital assessments and online coding interviews.

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