Beat high-volume hiring blues with automated recruitment assessments

High-volume hiring usually comes into play while recruiting freshers as part of campus recruitment drives, or when there is an urgent need to fulfil sudden resource demands. Companies in the IT sector often need to conduct recruitment drives to hire freshers from university campuses or experienced resources for projects. Seasonal demands for resources in retail or hospitality may require en masse hiring. Streamlined high-volume hiring offers several benefits such as cost and time savings, simplified logistics, and optimum utilisation of resources. However, recruiters can get overwhelmed by the volumes. Applications arrive from multiple channels. Conducting talent assessments for shortlisted candidates can be a complex task due to the sheer volume of candidates. Consequently, recruiters don’t necessarily make the best choices due to the number of candidates to be processed in a short time frame.

Talent assessments are crucial to hiring the best-fit candidates. During The Great Resignation, companies found that employees quit simply because they were seeking better opportunities not just in terms of pay, but in terms of work-life balance or cultural fit. Unlike earlier, the hiring process should assess candidates on the basis of skills, values, and cultural fit, so that costly hiring decisions can be avoided.

Benefits of automated assessments for high-volume hiring

Talent assessments need to be tailored to specific job roles. Personality and behaviour assessments are used to evaluate candidate fitment, while technical aptitude is evaluated based on skills assessments and job simulations. For IT technical roles, coding assessments are used to determine candidate skills in specific areas. High-volume hiring can benefit tremendously with automated talent assessments. Let’s see how.

Higher efficiency and productivity: With automated assessments, recruiters can focus on their real jobs – recruiting talented people. When assessments are scheduled online, recruiters have more time to plan other activities. Talent assessment tools that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) provide features such as automated candidate verification and online proctoring. This is especially useful when there are a large number of candidates. With results that are automatically communicated to recruiters and candidates, the screening process is faster and requires fewer resources, resulting in reduced time and cost to hire.

Improved flexibility and scalability:  With online talent assessments, companies can reach a wider candidate pool including in remote areas. Candidates can choose where and when they can take the assessment, giving them an immense amount of flexibility. Hundreds or even thousands of candidates can be assessed at a single time as well. Candidates have a better experience that boosts the employer brand.

Improved collaboration: When automated talent assessments are integrated into the hiring platform, an automatic workflow ensures that selected candidates move further up the process, while candidates who did not qualify are informed by the system. Since the assessment scores are available in the system, they can be used to match these candidates to other job roles which have different criteria, thereby reducing redundancy in the process.  Candidate relationship management becomes a breeze. Candidates have an improved experience with a smooth and consistent process.

Beat high-volume hiring blues with automated recruitment assessments


Data-driven decision making: High-volume hiring can be fraught with errors due to several pressures faced by recruiters. With automated assessments, the scores fed into the system and the data can be analysed in several ways. This leads to deeper insights, such as, for example, all candidates lacking skills in specific areas, which would be useful to tweak the recruitment process further down the line. Any unconscious bias is eliminated, leading to an improvement in diversity with an equal opportunity for all candidates.

Hiring at scale can be challenging, and with the plethora of automation tools available, it’s easy to get consumed by a tool that promises the most features or is the best priced. Companies need to carefully consider their specific requirements and needs for high-volume hiring. HirePro’s AI-powered online talent assessment tools offer precise functional assessments and exhaustive coding assessments for diverse requirements. Automating talent assessments in high-volume hiring eases recruiter burden and lets them leverage their expertise and experience to hire the best candidates.