Hire Top Quality Campus Talent by Outsourcing Interviews

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” In this age when success is measured in terms of resilience and sustainability, these words by Jim Collins, researcher, and consultant focused on business management, are more relevant than ever before. A carefully crafted interview process might be that crucial piece of the puzzle that enables you to hire the right people.

A recruiting partner with a tool to manage campus hiring workflows can get you to the stage of shortlisting relevant talent in a campus recruitment drive. But you need to have a robust interview selection process to find the right candidate. Many organisations are outsourcing the interview process to ensure they hire the best candidates.

Why Outsourcing Interviews is a Good Idea

Traditionally, interviews were conducted by in-house interviewers. Organisations have now moved to outsourcing interviews because of the many advantages they bring to the table.

HR reading cv during online job interview by video call

Yes, your internal panel of expert interviewees will focus on hiring the right talent. They would also be best placed to figure out if the candidate would be a good cultural fit. But, do they have the time to dedicate to the long and gruelling campus interview process?

The other factor is in-depth knowledge to conduct a meaningful interview. You might need to hire talent with expertise in new technology. In such cases, it is quite possible that your panel of in-house consultants does not have the necessary expertise to choose the right candidate. It is best if you outsource the interview process in such a scenario.

Outsourcing Interviews – A Look at the Bright Side

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing interviews.

  1. Beat the running clock

  2. Campus recruitment requires more time because of the sheer volume of the talent you are trying to hire. Taking away in-house experts from projects to conduct campus interviews will cost you revenue. If your organization runs on lean teams, then this could even affect your project outcomes.
    Most candidates expect hiring decisions to be made within a week. If your interview process drags on because of a lack of availability of internal resources to conduct the interviews, it might cripple the entire process. In other words, you might lose the more promising candidates to your competition, just because of the longer interview process. The best technical interview solution providers can schedule an interview, conduct it and provide the results within short well-defined time frames.

  3. More Bang for your Buck

  4. As you know, time is money. Now when it’s the time of two or three of your in-house experts, you need to calculate what their time will cost in terms of salary as well as in terms of productivity. When you compare that to the cost of outsourcing interviews, you’ll see that you are not incurring a cost but actually saving.

  5. Throw Unconscious Bias out of the Window

  6. Internal teams tend to hire people who are similar to them and would be easy to work with. This dilutes your ability to build a diverse team. A good recruitment partner with the ability to conduct interviews on your behalf can ensure that cultural fit is achieved while eliminating unconscious biases related to gender, region, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc.

  7. Quality Matters!

  8. Most of the hiring partners who specialise in outsourced interviews have a panel of expert interviewers and a well-defined feedback process. This ensures that the highest quality is maintained while giving the candidate a good interview experience.

    Organizations use hiring partners for coding or technical interviews and interviews for specific roles with niche skill sets.

    Companies have been outsourcing assessments and interviews for many years now. The outbreak of the pandemic emphasised this mode of hiring as a viable solution that would free up your in-house resources for other strategic roles within the organisation. HirePro offers interview solutions allow you to tap into the expertise of a consultant who would otherwise not be available to you.

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