How AI is changing the recruitment experience

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the monumental task of hiring the right candidates has become easier as it automates the entire recruitment process. A transformational change brought by Covid-19 has accelerated the widespread use of AI that has resulted in the job-seekers either eager to work remotely or in a hybrid model. It looks like both modes are here to stay. Going forward, automated hiring solutions will not only benefit a company in recruiting a competent workforce but also enhance the productivity and efficiency of new employees.

Streamlines talent search

AI supports HR teams in streamlining talent search. Earlier, the pre-screening process was long and tedious, often fraught with competition, errors and human biases.
Technology automated tools have eased the shortlisting of aspirants with their extremely holistic initial screening of resumes and online assessments that allow companies to decide from a wider talent pool.
The Covid outbreak prompted talent acquisition teams to turn to digit interview technology to conduct virtual interactions with interviewees. This enabled identifying skilled and competent applicants based on their word choices, speech patterns and facial expressions.

Identity sourcing

Increased use of automation helps in improving ways to source, identify and engage with a larger pool of job-seekers. Also, through this, HR personnel can leverage social media recruiting on career portals or referrals on LinkedIn.
Automation optimises the entire hiring process by adopting comprehensive online assessments to evaluate a candidate’s technical competencies, language skills, aptitude, personality and logical reasoning. A highly automated HR data analysis even predicts a new hire’s success within an organisation and the chances of retention.

Remote proctoring

How AI is changing the recruitment experience

AI’s advanced proctoring improves the quality of hire. This monitoring tool conducts and records online assessments and video interviews, while simultaneously monitoring the feeds for suspicious activities, thus accurately detecting fraud and preventing impersonation.
Automated proctoring works for all types of assessments and has ushered in a lot of flexibility for both applicants and recruiters to schedule tests and interviews at any time that is convenient to both parties.
The application’s face recognition, eye movement and identity verification features ensure minimum human intervention. Scalability and accessibility in live proctoring automatically sense third-party presence, cross conversations or switching of browsers.
The data collected provides useful insights into applicants’ performance and helps identify their weaknesses and patterns.

Unbiased recruitment

AI’s cost-effective applicant tracking system (ATS) not only assures unbiased recruitment and promotes diversity, but also increases transparency in hiring.
AI-powered processes ease the tasks for HR teams to manage job postings, match target resumes, communicate with applicants, schedule interviews, collect feedback, offer job letters and complete new-hire procedures.
Automated ATS provides a repository of an employee’s entire life cycle—from application to recruitment, performance review and promotion. It optimises the candidate’s experience and boosts employee retention.
Not only this, while rediscovering talent, ATS scours and verifies top applicants who didn’t get hired earlier, as well as those who may represent high-potential that is ready to be trained for more challenging roles.

Supports and engages with new hires

AI tools provide an enhanced end-to-end experience for candidates and recruiters.
Right from interpreting a job requirement, automation in the hiring process generates responses, scraps databases from various digital platforms, facilitates skill-based screening tests and analyses answers during video interactions and follow-ups.
AI matches companies with applicants that are best suited to the role, thus providing an edge over competitors.
While engaging with new hires, AI has simplified the process of onboarding by providing virtual tours and orientation programmes. Vital information about a company’s culture, mission and core business principles can be dealt with by chatbots. Collecting feedback from new hires supports their journey and ensures a seamless onboarding experience.
With the introduction of the AI functionality, companies’ recruitment management has been able to automate mundane tasks, reduce operational costs and save time. HirePro’s automation in hiring augments technology-enabled assessments and proctoring, facilitates a smarter candidate evaluation, eradicates personal biases or stereotypes and promotes inclusivity and diversity. Since it is a highly candidate-centric market, an engaging and well-organised hiring experience adds to brand value and captures a top-quality workforce.