How online assessments help in Campus Recruitment

Over the past few years, technology has ushered in radical changes in campus recruitment methods. Since conventional paper-based pre-hire tests are time-consuming and restrictive in their assessment qualities, they are becoming a thing of the past. Companies are increasingly adopting online assessments, especially for campus hiring, as these have been found to be far more efficacious. Post the pandemic outbreak, online assessments seem to be the safest and most logical method of testing a tech-savvy talent pool. Simply put, online assessments offer a host of superior benefits over traditional hiring processes.

Speedy, real-time results for large-scale hiring

Paperless assessments are not only eco-friendly (which will appeal to Gen Z), but are better equipped to quickly draw insights into the skills of candidates. The use of data analytics gives companies real-time results and reports, saving precious time for HR teams. This speeding up of the whole process is especially helpful when large-scale recruiting is required.

Tapping into a larger talent pool

Logistical costs incurred during recruitment can be quite high. Hence, most companies select only a few campuses to hold their hiring fairs. This means they miss out on hiring talented candidates from lesser known colleges. Online assessments allow companies to easily spread their recruitment net far and wide to tap into this previously ignored pool of candidates at no additional cost. Online testing can be conducted across multiple venues simultaneously and safely, regardless of geographic distances and pandemic safety issues.

Customizable testing methods

Online assessments can be conducted for campus recruitment using varying difficulty levels and measuring several parameters such as aptitude, tech skills, general knowledge, and psychometry. These assessments can be easily customized based on the requirements of each company.

Data analytics save time and provide objectivity

HR teams need to narrow down a tremendous amount of data, to several important metrics. This used to be a time-consuming and uphill task, allowing room for subjectivity and bias to seep in. Online assessments using analytic engines save time and take the guesswork out of the equation. These assessments become a useful tool in reducing employee turnover by ensuring the right candidate-to-job fit.

Easy access to data

With online assessments, data is compiled and saved in an easily accessible manner. This allows hiring teams from different departments in the company to collaborate in the recruitment process. It also provides the HR team with an exhaustive database of candidates which can be a gold mine for future hiring.

Creative ways to attract top talent

Online assessment challenges can be a positive process for hiring teams and a lively, creative experience for candidates too. Hosting events like hackathons and ideathons brings forth the best and the brightest to vie for a job. A case in point was the British Secret Service’s Can you crack it? campaign to find and hire skilled cryptanalysts. An additional benefit – as online assessments can be customized for each company, they can include company graphics and branding, thus helping to underline the company’s identity and values.

Advantage AI

AI-based proctoring is a key benefit in online assessment as it ensures the elimination of unfair practices during the testing process. Also, remote proctoring allows candidates to attempt an assessment at a chosen time, leading to a higher participation rate. This in turn gives the company a wider pool to select candidates from.

Online assessments are here to stay. They can be customized to fit a company’s needs and reduce the company’s cost-to-hire and time-to-hire. A recent market study by CareerNet finds that functional skills are the most in-demand skills in present times. HirePro’s functional assessments are designed to test candidates on their ability to perform with expected speed and mobility.

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