Remote Proctoring: The Future of Online Interviews is Here

Virtual Hiring Takes Center Stage

Digital transformation has taken the world by storm, spurring growth in almost every sector of the economy. The integration of digital solutions into every facet of business has made value delivery fast and substantive. Just when organizations around the world were warming up to the idea of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science, the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified the need to hop on the AI-bandwagon.

The arena of recruitment and talent acquisition is seeing a fair share of adaptations on these lines. Hiring strategies have been long overdue for a change, and in this context, advanced digital and AI-based solutions are proving to be the game-changer. The pandemic has changed the way we work. It has made the hybrid remote-office model the order of the day. And now, in every sector, virtual hiring is increasingly being accepted as a mainstay in recruitment plans.

Online assessments and video interviews are turning traditional in-person interviews into a relic of the past. By unshackling hiring managers and candidates from the constraints of space and time, remote hiring platforms are enabling a truly seamless and superior hiring experience for all the stakeholders involved. This has greatly improved the efficiency of the hiring process while significantly pruning hiring life cycles.

Remote Proctoring Paves the Way Forward

Online interviews, despite all their bells and whistles, are at a nascent stage of evolution. Glaring gaps in maintaining the integrity, authenticity, and security of virtual interviews, have made hiring managers mull over better and smarter ways of preserving the sanctity of the online recruitment process. To fill these gaps, remote proctoring of online interviews and assessments has emerged as the most advanced, secure, and reliable tool.

Online remote proctoring allows candidates to appear for interviews and assessments from remote locations, under the vigilance of live proctors or AI. It ensures the integrity of the recruitment process by employing advanced monitoring software and AI-algorithms to meticulously evaluate the suitability of candidates in an unbiased manner. By employing advanced software and tools, it detects fraud, impersonation, and suspicious activity during online interviews and assessments, with a fair amount of precision. This way, only candidates of the highest calibre make the cut.

facial recognition by smartphone allows biometric authentication

Fraud Detection to Counter Gaming of the System

At present, recruitment has become highly competitive. In the light of the peculiar loopholes that stand to be exploited in online interviews and assessments, some candidates may resort to unscrupulous means to sail through with impunity.

They can potentially resort to a host of fraudulent means to gain an unfair advantage. They could switch browser tabs to find answers on the web or in local documents, use smartphones or other devices to seek answers, let an impersonator take the interview or assessment test on their behalf, obtain answers from a third-person present in the room, share their screen with others, or use auto coding software to qualify on coding assessment tests.

Remote proctoring technology factors in all these possibilities to ensure fraud-proof and tamper-proof credible monitoring of virtual interviews and assessments. The precise weeding out of ill-suited candidates is made possible with advanced features such as continuous candidate ID verification, face and voice recognition, auto-detection of suspicious behavior, live automated warnings for suspicious activities, permission to take action against suspicious activity, anti-cheating tools, and cheat score categorization based on behavior analysis.

Fixing Systemic Issues from Within

Aside from the threat of suspicious activity, some systemic issues are a cause for concern. Doubts have arisen on the feasibility of long-term adoption and use of remote proctoring, its compatibility with different devices and browsers, and the likelihood of disruptions caused by patchy internet connectivity, low bandwidth and speeds.

Having acknowledged the inconvenience caused by these systemic snags, remote proctoring platforms are addressing them with panache. They provide users with user-friendly and responsive designs for smooth workflows, seamless plug-and-play integration for access on multiple devices and browsers, high-quality usage at low internet bandwidth and speed for uninterrupted sessions, and software compatibility for home, office, and mobile networks.

Additionally, some of the advanced features offered by remote proctoring platforms are: AI-powered multi-factor candidate ID verification; image, audio, and video recording for subsequent review and audit; monitoring of the screen, browser, environment, and behavior of candidates; serving of instant warnings by live proctors or AI in case of fraudulent behavior such as candidate change, cross-conversations, missing candidate, and blocked camera; and maintenance of detailed logs of sessions with auto-highlight and timestamps of violations. These features create a truly robust and secure proctoring system.

Custom Modes to Suit Every Need

Remote proctoring is available in the following custom modes to cater to specific needs and requirements.

Live Proctoring: The Human Touch

In this mode, online human proctors monitor candidates in real-time. The live proctors are permitted to pause, stop, or resume the session as and when necessary. They are allowed to communicate with candidates via live chat, serve warnings in case of suspicious behavior, and even disqualify candidates in case of violations. The presence of human proctors, albeit online ones, makes this mode very similar to the offline proctoring of interviews and assessments.

Automated or AI-Powered Proctoring: The Magic of AI

Automated or AI-Powered Proctoring is the cutting-edge of remote proctoring. It deploys advanced AI Algorithms and software to automatically monitor the candidate’s behavior, screen, and environment. By auto-detecting and flagging suspicious behavior, it guarantees the highest accuracy in the identification of suspicious activity. It provides a cheat score at the end of the interview or assessment after analyzing reams of data on the candidate’s overall behavior. A wide range of anti-cheating features and tools offered by AI proctoring fortify online interviews and assessments, making them effectively fraud-proof.

Remote Proctoring of Video Interviews: A Winning Formula

Non-proctored remote video interviews rely largely on the interviewer’s perception, which can fall prey to human error or become susceptible to manipulation by unscrupulous candidates. As a result of this, impersonation, cheating, and fraudulent behavior are easy to carry out, without the added layer of security provided by cheat-poof remote proctoring software.
Proctored remote video interviews, whether live/synchronous or pre-recorded/asynchronous, allow strict monitoring of the candidate’s behavior to detect and prevent suspicious activity. In this mode, both audio and video feeds of the sessions are recorded. These recordings are stored safely for later review (in a fast-forward mode). Moreover, the AI-driven auto-detection feature accurately flags suspicious activity, thereby, bringing precision to the online interview process.

Choosing the right Remote Proctoring Solution for you

Virtual proctoring offers numerous benefits to ensure you hire the right candidate every single time. By monitoring candidates belonging to remote locations, it allows access to a larger talent pool. It also facilitates the unbiased assessment of technical and functional skills. It shortens the hiring cycle by promoting the speed and consistency of the interview process. It also reduces the cost of hiring. With all these advantages, the next question is — which remote proctoring solution to choose?

Identifying your specific requirements is the first step to selecting the right remote proctoring platform for you. Check to make sure that the online proctoring platform you choose: uses the latest advanced proctoring technology; offers superior audio and video analytics and reporting favoring real-time validation; safely stores and protects data as per the data protection laws; does not share any information with any unauthorized third-parties; and provides end-to-end automation and customized solutions.


Online remote proctoring enhances the success rate of the hiring process, offering a flexible, scalable, and effective means of acquiring top-notch talent for your team in a hassle-free, budget-friendly, and time-sensitive manner. No more doubtful-hires, and no more mis-hires.

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