Tips to Enhance Your Virtual Recruitment Process


Thanks to the increasing popularity of remote hiring, virtual recruitment has been gradually gaining momentum in the past couple of years. However, the pandemic-induced new norms have catapulted virtual recruitment to the centre stage. Though this is relatively new to the industry, HirePro’s virtual recruitment team has got the process down to a T and has some interesting tips to share.


Get your ducks in a row: A structured process matters

A structured process might seem like a cliché, but you need to adapt and build your processes to suit virtual recruitment. The best way to do so is to select an appropriate Applicant Tracking System(ATS) and adjust the stages of your recruitment funnel to the remote reality you’ve found yourself in. You could also use chatbots or virtual recruitment assistants to enhance your efficiency while recruiting in large volumes. All of these adjustments will help you manage the entire recruitment process effectively, offering a smooth and positive experience to candidates and hiring managers alike.


Old wine in a new bottle

You might have a well-established system of assessments and tests that have worked very well for you in the past. However, you might need to modify these so that they are fully virtual but still effective. Ensure your recruitment tech stack has the required capabilities. Invest in custom built assessment solutions that focus on technical skills as well as soft skills to find the right talent.


Align with the team and find the right match

While the process of candidate matching is not new to any of us, the entire process of defining the right criteria to hire has been complicated by the fact that the hiring team is distributed. Ensure that everyone is on the same page all through the hiring process. Right at the onset, define the main stakeholders for every step of the process, from resume selection to the final interview. Keep your team up-to-date throughout the process. For example, in your ATS, make use of notifications, mentions, and integrations with common communication tools to collaborate efficiently. This way, the entire team will have its eyes on the ball and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.


Is this the real McCoy?

For obvious reasons, the incidence of fake candidates is higher in the virtual recruitment scenario. You, however, can insure yourself from being adversely affected by a candidate’s fraudulent behavior with the help of proctored assessment solutions. For example, HirePro’s proctored assessment solution has a 99% success rate in voice and face recognition when candidates are assessed via live or automated video proctoring.
Ensure you have a robust system in place to check references and validate the veracity of the candidate’s resume.


Roll out the red carpet

Virtual recruitment can fall in the realm of being impersonal and uninvolved. This could make the candidates feel unsure and discourage them from progressing with the offer.
Continuously engage with the candidate at every stage of the hiring process to keep the human touch alive. Adjust your recruitment platform to reach out to the candidates right from the word go with useful information on the tools they would be using and how they could prepare. You might also want to introduce the candidates to their interview panel a day in advance, via email.


Ahoy! All on board?

A confusing onboarding process can affect the time required and effectiveness of your employee’s integration into your ecosystem. You can ensure a seamless onboarding process by investing in a SaaS-based platform that automates the post-offer engagement and onboarding activities. This enables you to make the onboarding an engaging process that is in line with your organisation’s ethos and branding.

Adopting a virtual recruitment process is not the insurmountable hill you might have envisioned. Like everything else in life, it’s just a case of making the best of use of the technology available and adapting it to your specific requirements and circumstances.
Happy Recruitment!

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