Video Interviews: A Smoother, Faster, More Economical Way to Hire Campus Talent

It’s a truism: like everything else accelerated by the pandemic, video interviews are gaining popularity in campus recruitment. One doesn’t have to look far to find why: even beyond the pandemic, video interviewing has emerged as a fast method to modernize hiring processes.

Conducting video interviews is the optimal way to reach candidates much before you, the recruiter, even step into the campus. Industry experts have also found that video interviews help them save as much as 50% in time and costs in a college recruitment drive, making it the economical option for hiring teams as well. That is the reason why, as per OfficeTeam, 6 out of 10 hiring managers and recruiters are opting for video interviews, particularly in university hiring. TechRepublic puts the number higher – a whopping 86% of all interviews happening via video conference.

What is all the hullabaloo about?

Video interviewing or digital interviewing, or video recruitment, is the process of kick-starting the hiring process (or even completing it) by using video as the primary method of communication with candidates. The interviews conducted may be asynchronous – where the interviewee pre-records a video according to some parameters, answering questions that were sent to him/her – or synchronous. In the latter method, the interviewer(s) connect over a remote video call with the candidate and conduct the interview.

The focus of the interview may, of course, vary. It could be a basic “getting to know you” filtering session where the candidate shares their basic details prior to an in-person session. Some companies may prefer a holistic interview by the hiring manager to probe fit for the role. Many recruitment platforms offer live coding interviews enabled by video as a feature that technology hiring managers may explore as well.

The singular advantage offered by video interviews is this: it gives the interviewer or evaluator an opportunity to visually evaluate the candidate – from attire to body language, from attitude to fit, a wide range of parameters can be literally eyeballed by the hiring team with a video. It is, perhaps, the closest one can get to a live or in-person interview while meeting remotely.

Feature Ready Platforms for the Taking

Here are the top features that video interview software must have to enable hiring teams and recruiters to leverage this technology to the best extent possible:

  1. Multiple interview types –
    The platform must support all interview types. These could include

    • Asynchronous/canned videos anchoring your virtual hiring initiatives
    • Live interviews to connect choice candidates instantly to hiring managers) or remotely from your office
    • Reviewing interview recordings
  2. Video resume capability – The recruiting platform must enable recruiters to send emails with pre-set questions that candidates can respond to with a short video resume.
  3. Employer branding – The platform must offer white-labeling and in-platform branding in terms of logo addition, colours, fonts and styles. This helps hiring employers stand apart from other brands that are visiting the campus.
  4. Video logs – Logs of interviews that have been performed, video resumes that have been submitted and accompanying interviewer notes must be readily available for the hiring team to access and make decisions, as well as for audit purposes.
  5. Impersonation detection – The best recruitment platforms offer employers the ability to match the candidate in the video against their submitted government-approved ID documents. This helps weed out impersonators and fraud. Hirepro’s video recruitment platform is the leader in this space, with an AI-enabled impersonation detection engine.
  6. Scheduling, reporting and automation – The ability to schedule interviews, track candidate flow and generate real-time reports on demand are table stakes for all platforms.
  7. Interview feedback capture: A feature often missing in standard video conferencing tools is the ability to collect interview feedback via customizable online forms. When tens or hundreds of interviews are being held, sometimes multiple rounds of them as is done in campus interviews, immediate capturing of impressions and conclusions from interviewers is vital for accuracy and success. A complete video-enabled recruitment platform brings in this capability.

The top colleges and universities are inundated with multiple companies visiting and vying for the best candidates. Make your organization’s brand stand apart and conduct a smooth, video-enabled hiring drive with Hirepro’s platform. The promise of time and cost savings is irresistible for hiring companies. College students too find the speed and seamless efficiency of the experience enticing . A sure-fire win-win on all fronts!