53% students don’t have access to hiring kits: HirePro

A recent study by HirePro, titled ‘Evolving Remote Campus Hiring Processes and Tools’, revealed that 59% of companies believe students are well-equipped with the necessary infrastructure to participate in virtual campus hiring. However, 53% of students do not have access to a broadband connection at home.

One in every four students owns two of the following devices: a desktop/laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. A little more than a third of students do not have access to a power backup. This makes it important for companies to ensure that their virtual hiring tools support process continuity by preserving interview/assessment progress and allowing students to resume the process from where it was halted.

For campus recruitment, 95% of businesses rely on popular video conference tools rather than specific video interviewing software. When asked by employers to identify the areas that their hiring tool lacks, scheduling assessments and interviews came out on top (16%), followed by post-offer engagement, candidates’ communication, identity verification, and dashboard (14%). In addition, roughly a third of businesses stated their virtual hiring toolkits don’t have candidate impersonation detection skills, while another third was unsure. Their hiring toolbox detects impersonation, according to 40% of them.

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