Are we entering a new era of touchless hiring?

The world of work has evolved in recent years. Although trends like remote hiring were in practice before 2020, the pandemic undoubtedly served as a catalyst for fast-paced change. The challenges posed by Covid-19 necessitated the quick adoption of technology, automation, and particularly AI among hiring managers across all businesses in India. Given this digital acceleration, many companies and industries had projected that 2020 will herald ambitious hiring and tremendous growth, intensifying the competition for talent. Several industries at the time were getting ready for growth while enabling remote work. Businesses could not afford to cease employing in this new reality.

In order to meet the demands of the Covid era, recruiters had to move rapidly. India has since adopted online screening tools to evaluate potential employees’ skills and behaviors in order to obtain comprehensive insights at each level of the recruiting process. There is no doubt that the year will go down in history as a turning point for the employment sector—marked with trends that will become the new norm for many employers across the world.

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