Brace for impact: Why the post-pandemic world will reshape campus placement as we know it

In the past, the success of higher education was determined by measuring the degree of knowledge and skills acquired by a student over the course of their opted programme. However, as time progressed so did these expectations. With the gaining value of the concept of globalisation and the growing number of job creations in large sectors like IT, a new model of higher education emerged, consisting of providing campus placement as a final part of their higher education service. Since the Covid-19 pandemic threw the global recruitment industry into turmoil, traditional campus hiring has transformed at breakneck speed.

In the midst of the emergency, employers were depending on technology to ensure the continuity of their campus recruitment drives. Traditionally, the campus hiring process used to present like a festival involving colleges and corporates typically starting from July going till Oct. The whole placement process used to be a short-term, high-impact exercise requiring extensive logistics planning on the part of employers — internal planning, campus mapping, college tiering, big panels of interviewers, Multiple trips to several locations, placement discussions, and so on.

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