Campus hiring slumps to pre-Covid levels

Abhay Chirania (22), an electronics and communications engineering graduate, was not happy with the options he was presented with at college placements. Most of the offers — like software development roles at IT services companies — had nothing to do with his core degree . Dissatisfied, he decided to look for jobs on his own using LinkedIn.

Chirania is one of a number of students of the 2022 batch who have sat out college placements altogether and sought out offers that better match their aspirations off-campus, as the hiring sentiment has been muted. Students recruited last year are yet to be taken on board and hence the companies have not hired in large numbers, BLonCampus has learnt.

After reaching out to hiring managers at several companies of his choice, Chirania landed an interview with Texas Instruments (TI) Bangalore, and subsequently a job at the company. Elated that his efforts have paid off, he says, “TI works in the field of edge AI and electric vehicles which I am interested in. The role aligns better with my skill-sets. The pay package is also far better compared to the other recruiting companies that visited campus. I am glad I found this,” he says.

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