Embellished CV? Skill holds key

Resumes, no matter how well-drafted, are increasingly losing their relevance as organisations focus on recruitments based on skills.

A study by HirePro, a recruitment automation and assessment solution provider, finds that in the current digital age, a significant number (70%) of recruiters rely on personal interactions to hire candidates. HirePro says candidate resumes are neither entirely accurate nor enough for a recruiter to judge a candidate. While on the one hand candidates exaggerate their qualifications, on the other, key information about behavioural attributes sought by recruiters cannot be validated based on resumes. The study says that while 56% of candidates claim to have skills they barely know, 85% of job seekers lie in their resumes — up 65% a decade ago.

S Pasupathi, COO, HirePro, told TOI, “In the recruitment industry, resumes have traditionally been the go-to tool for assessing a candidate’s suitability for a job. However, in today’s digital age of hyper-competition and ChatGPT, many candidates tend to exaggerate their qualifications, creating a landscape of half-truths that complicate the hiring process. Recruiters are aware of this on-ground reality but often persist with resume-centric processes due to organisational mandates or a lack of awareness of alternatives.”

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