Breaking the myths: IITs record higher placement with students bagging Rs 50 lakh CTC in 2022, HirePro report

Contradictory to current market perception over 5.5% IITians that is about 960 from a total of 17,000 have got jobs with an annual remuneration (CTC) of over Rs 50 lakh, revealed a HirePro report on salary packages offered to students from IITs in 2022. Furthermore, the study showed that nearly 54% of 7,020 students in the top tier of IITs and 50% of 2,250 students in the next tier of IITs received job offers with salary packages ranging between Rs 10-Rs 16 lakh.

In addition, 90% of students who participated in the placement accepted a job offer, it revealed. The HirePro report claims to have conducted a survey on 23 IITs across the country and grouped them into three buckets based on student intake. However, the first two buckets are considered for data analysis. The total pool of students considered for the data collection is 17,000.

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