A report on fraudulent practices by candidates during job assessments in India

Many enterprises adopted online assessments and interviews during the pandemic, but along with them came concerns about safety, efficiency, and being fraud-proof.

At HirePro, we’ve been helping our customers with remote assessments, even before the pandemic, and are confident about its utility, safety, and efficacy. Thus we present this study on the various ways that people cheat during online assessments and the proctoring methods to prevent this, which can be video, audio, image, or a combination of these.

For this study, we analysed a sample size of 9 lakh assessments in the past six months, out of the total 43 lakh assessments undertaken over the past 12 months on our platform.

The analysis found the various modes people employ to cheat while taking online assessments and the degrees in which they occur:

  • The most common form of cheating is someone sitting with the test taker or providing verbal help to that person.
  • The next most prevalent forms of cheating are impersonation, and persons hiding from the camera or moving out of the test window to refer materials.

  • The lowest forms of cheating observed are screen sharing or mirroring, taking tests in low light conditions, and sharing pictures of questions for help.

Our proctoring solution’s effectiveness in detecting various forms of cheating has helped us arrive at these detailed findings. With careful planning and the choice of the right tools, employers need not lose out on good candidates for the worry of cheating.

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