Breaking the myths about placements at the IITs

In India, most engineering entrants aspire to enrol and study at the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. Declared as important institutes of the nation by the Indian parliament, education at IITs equips students with a critical thinking-led scientific approach to solving problems that challenge humanity. Not to be overlooked, IIT faculty and alumni have had a significant impact on all sectors of society, both in India and abroad.

Also, the most important factor that attracts B.Tech. aspirants is the placement package at IITs. For this reason, over 12 lakh people attempt JEE Main and JEE Advanced, two of the most difficult competitive exams. Only 2.2 lakh people are chosen to take the JEE Advanced, and fewer enrol at the best IITs. The disparity between the number of applicants and the seats available has elevated the significance of these institutions giving rise to certain misconceptions and fallacies regarding IITs and their pay packages.

A team of campus recruitment experts at HirePro analysed the data of placements at the IITs in the year 2022 and collated insights about compensation for this report. It formulates a detailed analysis of CTC and gross salaries offered by various companies during campus placements at various IITs.

The report dispels the myth that not all graduates from IITs, India’s premier engineering institutions, get hefty pay packages. Only a small fraction of them receives large compensation packages; the remainder are accessible for organisations to hire at reasonable pay scales.

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