No Resumes Please – Paving the way for talent-centric recruitment

Of late, hiring practices centred around an over-reliance on resumes have not been yielding the required results for organisations. Job postings get too many responses, cluttering recruiters’ inboxes and leading to qualified candidates often getting overlooked. This leads job seekers to adopt a ‘spray and pray’ approach, often listing skills on their resume they have little to no expertise in, thereby feeding a vicious cycle. There’s also an increasing supply of candidates aided by tools like ChatGPT competing for fewer and fewer positions, making the process of finding the right talent tougher than finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Recruiters understand this and have already begun the migration away from being overly reliant on resumes or making them the cornerstone of their decision-making. A lack of alternatives or rather, a lack of awareness regarding them, is a hurdle to breaking this cycle. Custom assessments that gauge candidates accurately for their relevant skills, behaviour, cultural fit and more are the way forward. The reduction in hiring bias and improved performances of candidates hired via assessments over those via traditional methods are strong advocates for this mode of hiring.

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