Recruitment transformation:
Forging a new path for talent acquisition

Recruitment is no more just a selection process; it is a business strategy. The year 2021 threw many challenges for the recruitment industry and it was faced with grit. Recruitment processes transformed; it was the year of ‘remote’ talking, being inclusive, leveraging technology and giving candidates an experience. It was also a year that taught that engaging people was more challenging than hiring them and that outsourcing recruitment was not at all a shame. As the industry enters a fresh year, it must endeavour to prune outdated processes, carry forward relevant trends from the past and forge new ones along the way. Industry experts anticipate an increase in hiring volumes and a growing need for specific talent. They suggest having a DEI work culture and adopting technology. The role of recruitment is clear — be the face of the company, build its brand, offer a level playground for individual and corporate goals to align and be the platform that propels the business to new heights.

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