5 Benefits of Post-Offer Follow Up (POFU) Initiatives

The duration of a hiring process is often a source of frustration for recruiters and hiring managers. Over the years, employers have seen their time-to-hire, which is 3–4 weeks on average, progressively increase. Besides, it is a well-known practice for job seekers to continue looking for a job even after they have received a job offer.

In today’s candidate-driven market, where candidates generally have more than one job offer in hand, Post-Offer Follow Up (POFU) initiatives have a huge impact on why they would choose your organisation over others. Candidates tend to reach a decision after gaining insights about their future workplace and home in organisations that will value them more.

Here are some reasons why POFU initiatives are recommended for your organisation:

Provide access to information and keep candidates engaged

The lack of direct and clear communication, basic information and proactive guidance may deter candidates from joining your organisation. POFU initiatives include post-offer package or pre-onboarding kits consisting of introductory videos by top management, videos on company culture, a list of points of contact to reach out to for queries and details of pre-onboarding formalities; weekly newsletters; and sharing useful resources and links via email. These initiatives help candidates understand your organisation better and give them the flexibility to access information at their convenience. Communicating with candidates on a regular basis and responding promptly to their concerns keep candidates engaged and invested in your organisation, thereby increasing the probability of in-demand candidates joining your organisation.

Bridge gaps between candidates and your organisation

5 Benefits of Post-Offer Follow Up (POFU) Initiatives

One of the reasons why making offers to candidates do not always translate into successful recruitment is that the candidates are often unfamiliar with your organisation and its work culture. The information they possess may stem from your organisation’s website and social media accounts, as well as word-of-mouth. However, these sources may not always paint an accurate picture of the experience they are likely to have if they were to join your organisation. POFU initiatives such as arranging a meeting or an interaction session with a handful of current employees give them an opportunity to network and bond. Sharing their background, goals, interests and hobbies, makes them feel welcome and comfortable. Keeping the tone of these interactions casual and approachable helps them imbibe the organisation’s culture in an unintimidating environment.

Improve offer to joining ratio

Extending an offer letter to a candidate does not constitute the final stage of recruitment as candidates may continue to apply for jobs elsewhere, attend interviews and weigh their options for several days before accepting your offer. POFU initiatives that ensure meaningful candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process help in substantially increasing the offer to joining ratio. POFU interactions with candidates through texts, calls, emails and newsletters not only help you to feel the pulse of the candidate but also provide the candidate a wholesome idea of what they can expect from your organisation. Besides, nourishing candidate experience at every stage ensures successful onboarding of the most sought-after candidates.

Enhance your employer brand

Regardless of whether a candidate decides to join your organisation or not, ill-conceived or inadequate POFU initiatives adversely impact your employer brand, denting your organisation’s image as an employer of choice. POFU initiatives such as providing constructive feedback to candidates at every step of the hiring process show that you genuinely care about their professional development. Candidates who have had a positive POFU experience and decide to accept the offer tend to stay with organisations for a long time. In fact, candidates who decide not to accept the offer but have had a favourable POFU experience are more inclined to apply for future opportunities in your organisation as they will continue to hold your organisation in high regard.

Make candidates feel valued

After an offer has been made, candidates may feel left in the lurch in the absence of any conscious efforts to keep them engaged. Sparse communication or lacklustre interaction from their points of contact within your organisation can leave them feeling alienated. Showing candidates that you value them can have a positive impact on their decision to join your organisation. POFU initiatives in this direction include constructive two-way feedback between your organisation and the candidates, and discussions on their career development. When candidates see that you care about their opinions, take time to provide suggestions for improvement and are willing to support their continued learning, their decision to accept your offer gets strengthened.


Most candidates believe that the way they are treated during the hiring process is indicative of how they would be treated as an employee. Well-crafted and implemented POFU initiatives, which show candidates that you are supportive and invested in them, go a long way in improving candidate experience. POFU initiatives not only speed up the onboarding process but also improve the likelihood of retaining employees in the long run. HirePro, an AI-powered end-to-end recruitment platform, enables you to deploy POFU initiatives seamlessly and effectively. Explore HirePro to harness AI-powered automation for frictionless screening, assessments, interviews, offer management, communication, onboarding, and more.