5 tactics to create a high-volume hiring strategy

Recruiting for a single role is a time- and resource-consuming task. There are scenarios where recruiters face the daunting challenge of high-volume hiring. This typically happens when a company needs to hire a large number of candidates for business expansion or to undertake a major project that requires a large number of people. At times, it could be a combination of both.

Therefore, recruiters will need the know-how to scale the workforce even if there is no immediate need for bulk-hiring. Successful high-volume hiring to get the best and the brightest people for your company will definitely require creativity and a sound strategy. Mass hiring comes with a set of challenges that recruiters must be able to overcome. Sorting through hundreds of applications and interviewing a number of candidates to scale up at speed can be difficult. Technology and tools can ease the process and bring efficiency to it. Read on to know effective tactics that could enhance your high-volume hiring strategy.

Automate the hiring process

Automation can empower recruiters to work more efficiently and make better decisions quickly. Automating processes such as resume screening, assessing, interview scheduling and so on allow recruiters to focus on more meaningful tasks. It facilitates bulk-hiring and also phenomenally improves the quality of an organisation’s hiring efforts. One of the key uses of automation in recruitment is programmatic job advertising, where your digital ads will help you with customised targeting. Programmatic recruitment platforms target specific people based on the role’s requirements to help you get the best talent.

Social media hiring

One of the most commonly used talent acquisition tactics, social media hiring uses inbound marketing through posts on LinkedIn, Instagram etc. to reach more people. Social hiring helps employers communicate their employee value proposition and optimise their inbound recruitment efforts. Social media is among the best sources for high-quality candidates who are likely to be a good fit because it enables recruiters to target very specific audiences and hire people who fit the organisational culture. Targeting people with specific knowledge, skills, experiences and seniority levels enables recruiters to eliminate irrelevant applications and get the best candidates.
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Talent rediscovery

All companies store information regarding interested candidates in their database. Recruiters can sift through the profiles of previous candidates to find suitable talent for the current vacant positions in your company. Though they might not have made the final cut previously, there is no denying that they were interested in your brand. Leverage your existing database to rediscover talent and make use of personalised email campaigns to reach out to suitable candidates.

Use an AI-powered hiring platform

Organisations globally are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some aspect of the recruitment process. AI offers high volume hiring tools and endless possibilities to accelerate the recruitment process for mass hiring. AI-powered platforms such as that of HirePro help with faster and better sourcing, screening, assessments, interviews and onboarding. AI reduces recruitment time, enhances quality hires and saves significant hiring costs. It has created a simple pathway to hire the best talent en masse and also facilitated hiring a large pool of candidates remotely.

Activate employee referral programme

High volume hiring companies use present employees and their networks to rope in new talent. It is an effective recruiting strategy where employers encourage their employees to refer qualified candidates for jobs in the organisation. To hire candidates who are likely to stay longer and perform better, employee referral is considered a reliable source. Smart recruiters would optimise the number of candidates they can get through employee referrals.
High volume recruiting presents a unique challenge and also an opportunity for organisations to get the best talent. Through thorough research, utilising the resources at your disposal and incorporating the latest tech tools, recruiters can achieve their bulk-hiring goals and master the art of high volume recruiting.