5 tips to customise campus recruitment for high quality hires

Most organisations depend on a rock-solid campus recruitment strategy to enhance and build their talent pipeline. Fresh campus recruits, who can be trained in relevant skills, bring energy and enthusiasm to the workplace, as well as the added benefit of filling up open positions at a lower cost-to-hire.

So, how can companies avoid recruiting run-of-the-mill talent and go all guns blazing to find stellar candidates?

Let us look at some of the ways to customise campus recruitment for high quality hires.

5 tips to customise campus recruitment for high quality hires (1)


  • Build a strong employer brand: “Employer branding” is the buzzword now. It is all about how your company is viewed as an employer. A positive employer brand is needed to recruit and retain star talent and build a strong online reputation. It is crucial to getting candidates excited about joining and working for your organisation. Some of the ways to get talent excited about the prospect of joining your organisation is by upleveling your Careers page, responding to reviews of the company on various websites and ensuring that every touchpoint of the candidate’s journey with your organisation (interviews, hackathons, online assessments etc) is pleasant.
  • Conduct skill assessments online: Proctored fraud-proof assessments must be conducted to ensure that the quality of the campus hire is top-notch. Making use of online skill assessments at the pre-recruitment stage ensures that you save time and effort usually spent in monitoring the candidates taking the test. These assessments also help in evaluating and qualifying quality candidates. Online assessments can even be planned and customised to suit your organisation’s specific needs.
  • Conduct simulator-based screening: A job simulation is a type of test where you can assess candidates’ competency and skills at performing tasks that they would actually be doing on a daily basis, if hired for the job. The candidate is provided with a comprehensive abstract problem, which needs to be solved by him/her. Backed by an auto-grading system, the results are data-driven and credible. The results of job simulation tests help in making better hiring decisions by enabling the recruitment of people who are able to visibly demonstrate a high aptitude for performing well at their future jobs.
  •  Outsource interviews: Recruiters, at times, find it difficult to get the right interviewers for candidates since internal team members and senior technology experts at companies often do not have the bandwidth to conduct interviews. This is where interview experts could step in and help! An emerging trend, interview outsourcing is being adopted by many organisations to conduct interviews for niche areas. Coding interviews, technical interviews and interviews for senior candidates can all be outsourced, thus facilitating improved organisational efficiency, since senior internal team members, who would normally conduct interviews, can focus on their core work.
  • Engage with candidates on a regular basis: Long gone are the days when sending across an offer letter to a candidate was considered the last step in the recruitment journey. It was a given that the candidate would join the company. The story is quite different now! Even after getting good job offers, candidates often scout around for better offers. This makes it imperative to continue interacting and engaging with the candidates and keep them eager about the prospect of joining your organisation.

Post-COVID, virtual campus recruitment is gradually moving offline since most students are now back in campus! Companies too are looking forward to directly meeting the students and engaging with them. In such a scenario, companies need to up their campus recruitment game to attract top talent. HirePro, a star player in the recruitment space, offers AI-powered recruitment, proctored interviews and assessments, as well as expert interview solutions, which can help you ace your campus recruitment strategies. Write to sales@hirepro.in to know more.