9 types of Interviews You Can Outsource

Organisations are always on the lookout for talent. But scouting, screening and selecting suitable candidates is a time-consuming and laborious process. It often keeps an organisation’s talent pipelines in the doldrums. To overcome these challenges, an increasing number of organisations are opting to outsource the tedious part of interviewing to interview outsourcing providers. With interview outsourcing, you can now put the onus of interviewing and shortlisting candidates on your interview outsourcing partner, leaving you with the sole task of selecting the best candidates for your organisation.

9 types of Interviews You Can Outsource

Here are the different types of interviews you can outsource to your interview outsourcing partner.

Here are the different types of interviews you can outsource to your interview outsourcing partner.

Behavioural interviews

Behavioural interviews or situational interviews aim to assess a candidate’s skills, calibre and potential to meet the job requirements, predicated on their past performance. Your interview outsourcing partner will use the latest behaviour interview techniques to gauge whether the candidate will be able to perform the functions the job demands. They will evaluate the candidate’s potential performance and interpersonal competency based on their previous problem-solving experiences and their approach towards tasks and challenges.

Case interviews

In a case interview, your interview outsourcing partner will present candidates with a realistic business scenario that they might come across while working for your company. It will test the problem-solving skills, analytical skills and soft skills of the candidates, based on their solutions to the given business problem or case study. This will help the outsourcing partner gain insights into the suitability of candidates for the job.

Depth interviews

A depth interview examines the in-depth knowledge and expertise of candidates in a special area of interest. Your interview outsourcing partner will arrange subject matter experts to test the niche skills and knowledge of candidates in domains such as coding, data science and machine learning. The experts will then analyse the detailed responses given by the candidates and filter them for you to decide their fit for the job.

Stress interviews

Stress interviews analyse the response of candidates under immense pressure. Candidates undergoing a stress interview will be given intimidating questions and scenarios geared to assess their ability to juggle high-stakes tasks in high-pressure situations, deal with demanding clients or handle awkward situations with colleagues or superiors. Your interview outsourcing partner will filter candidates based on their ability to handle these adverse situations.

Interviews based on mode of delivery

Interviews based on mode of delivery

Phone interviews

Phone interviews are generally early-stage or pre-interview screening calls that help determine whether the candidate ought to be invited for an in-person interview. Your interview outsourcing partner will help narrow down the pool of candidates by asking them a series of pertinent questions focused on their experiences and goals.

Video interviews

In video or remote interviews, your interview outsourcing partner will use video technology to interview candidates located in various geographical areas. This type of interview can be conducted in a live, synchronous format or an on-demand, asynchronous format. Video recordings from these interviews will be made available to you for further review.

Group interviews

In a group interview, the interviewer will interview several candidates simultaneously for a similar position. These interviews help the interviewer observe the soft skills of a candidate such as problem-solving, interpersonal communication and teamwork. It helps your interview outsourcing partner filter a large number of candidates in a short span of time.

Panel interviews

In panel interviews, multiple interviewers interview a single candidate. Your interview outsourcing partner will arrange for a panel of industry experts with several years of experience in a specific domain. The panellists will collaborate to draw up a comprehensive set of questions. They will carefully study the behaviour, competence and niche skills of candidates in a particular field and collectively shortlist them, based on their interview performance.


Every candidate wants to feel valued and sought after. When you outsource interviews to an experienced interview outsourcing partner, it goes above and beyond to provide your candidates with an experience par excellence. It regularly communicates with candidates, keeps them engaged, gives ample feedback and provides them with a superior interview experience that may not be possible to achieve with an in-house hiring team. It exemplifies your company culture and ethos so much that candidates cannot often discern that your organisation has outsourced interviews.

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