AI: The Solution To New Age Onboarding

Hiring an employee for an organization is no mean task! The process, ranging from screening prospective candidates to smooth onboarding of chosen employees, requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The tasks involved vary from conducting initial interviews to answering the candidate’s doubts, from shortlisting candidates to doing the necessary paperwork. With the past year has taken us through a huge digital evolution, we have seen some changes that are here to stay. Among the sea of changes that swept in, hiring processes in companies were subject to some of the major ones with big-time AI inclusion being seen.

AI has been found to radically streamline the onboarding process in companies. Companies have experienced several benefits with the use of AI in their onboarding processes. Let’s take a quick look at what these benefits are.

  1. Less paperwork involved:
    This is possibly the single most evident benefit of AI in the onboarding process. With documentation and communication being AI-powered, the administrative burden is reduced and the amount of paperwork involved has also gone down drastically. At the same time, inaccuracies due to the human element have also reduced. The eco-friendliness of AI-powered onboarding is a happy outcome that sits well with all companies. After all, a reduced carbon footprint is on everyone’s agenda.
  2. 24*7 onboarding:
    AI-powered onboarding, released from the shackles of human working hours, remains functional 24*7. New recruits can log in to companies’ systems and complete formalities at their convenience.
  3. Faster Integration:
    No matter how extroverted a person is, there are limits to communication with humans, especially for new employees during their first few weeks. It is easier to run questions through a chatbot as you do not have to worry about it getting exhausted or judging you.
  4. Cost-effective and time-saving :
    Virtual orientation sessions ensure that there is no need to travel across geographical areas. The benefits are two-fold – saves costs for the company and time for the employee.
  5. Personalization:
    New recruits come from varied backgrounds and career paths. A one-size-fits-all approach to onboarding might not be effective in such a scenario. AI can be the saviour here enabling a personalized employee experience and addressing employee queries at a faster rate during the onboarding process.

Is it all hunky-dory in the world of AI-onboarding? Not really. The lack of human touch is often cited as a major drawback. Since AI onboarding involves a lot of human-machine interaction, the human touch is indeed missing from most processes.

However, AI-powered onboarding’s benefits far outweigh its shortcomings. The lack of human touch can be easily remedied by scheduling meetings – virtual or in-person – whenever mutually convenient. And once an employee is in, water cooler sessions – both virtual and actual – do the rest. People learn to fit in. And they do it quite well too!

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