Five reasons why you should automate your campus drive

On-campus recruitment is a long-haul process characterised by large volumes of candidates and offer letters. Logistics and manpower challenges of visiting campuses and conducting career fairs, high costs and time limitations are challenges faced during on-campus recruitment. Several of these challenges can be mitigated by automating campus recruitment processes.

While recruitment software is nothing new, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) have given companies the ability to automate several manual and repetitive tasks, and enable intelligent automation of recruitment. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual campus hiring solutions as companies could not be physically present for campus recruitment drives. With remote and hybrid models of working here to stay, campus recruitment solutions too will continue to be a blend of the virtual and physical, with initial screening and assessments carried out remotely and the final rounds of selection conducted in-person. Complex campus recruitment can be greatly eased out with holistic university hiring solutions to deliver a seamless candidate experience.

Five reasons why you should automate your campus drive

Reasons to automate campus recruitment

There are several benefits to automating campus recruitment. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Improves talent acquisition (TA): The recruitment process can be automated at various steps of the recruitment cycle. Campus drives start with reaching out to candidates at various colleges and universities. With remote recruitment, recruiters are no longer limited by the geographical location of the college or the candidate. This democratisation of the talent economy has diminished boundaries and allowed recruiters to source candidates from any part of the country. Automation also allows for better candidate engagement and nurturing via automated emails, chatbots and video sessions, all on one holistic platform, which, in turn, helps companies come out tops in the talent war, giving them a competitive advantage.

Eases complex campus recruitment processes: On-campus recruitment drives tend to be long-winded processes. From sourcing candidates to scheduling assessments and interviews and final selections, the process is tedious and can be fraught with errors. End-to-end recruitment solutions offer automated assessments with AI-based proctoring, allowing for flexible, fraud-proof assessments. Integration with back-end systems allows for streamlined data collection and a seamless candidate experience.

Improves productivity and efficiency: Automating campus recruitment allows recruiters to focus on other processes that require manual intervention. The first level of candidate screening can be done automatically using resume parsers and online assessments. Recruiters can spend time planning, arranging for interview panels and scheduling video or face-to-face interviews for shortlisted candidates. Apart from huge cost and time savings, recruiters will also have fewer infrastructure and logistics issues given that most of the hiring process can be virtual if needed. High-volume campus drives such as for IT recruitment can benefit from online coding assessments and virtual hackathons, saving precious hours for recruiters. A transparent and streamlined workflow with automated scheduling and approvals leads to better efficiency and productivity, along with a reduced cost per hire.

Facilitates better hiring decisions: When recruitment is automated, data is captured at all levels, enabling a data-driven recruitment process, rather than one based on “gut feeling”. Companies can reach out to a wider talent pool, with the possibility of reducing discrimination prompted by region, gender, physical challenges and other common biases. Automated assessments and screening lead to such reduced bias and increased transparency in the selection process. A data-driven recruitment process reduces the probability of any kind of prejudice, including any unconscious bias. Overall, automating recruitment leads to a transparent and consistent process and adherence to diversity and inclusion policies.

Builds employer brand: Campus recruitment platforms can streamline the entire recruitment process, from application to onboarding. The end-to-end automation of campus recruitment processes leads to a seamless candidate experience. Easing out candidate experience greatly contributes to the reduced possibility of drop-offs and encourages new hires to share their experience with other people in their network.

Capturing the interest of a digitally savvy generation requires a multi-faceted approach, and automation can transform the campus hiring experience. HirePro’s university hiring solutions provide end-to-end automation of the campus hiring process, which can help companies hire the best talent and transform the talent acquisition process.