How AI-based Assessments Are Redefining Campus Recruitment

Over the years, organizations, big and small, have realized the importance of finding fresh talent through campus recruitment. They invest big in terms of resources required for end-to-end recruiting from campuses.

Campus or university recruitment is a long drawn out process for enterprises. From finding the right campuses to liaison with, visiting the campus with a pool of HR professionals and technical recruiters, interacting with students to shortlisting candidates from the ones who appear for the assessments and interviews, companies spend over 2 to 3 days on campus.

However, post the onset of the current pandemic, new standards are being seen in the field of recruitment. Talent Acquisition (TA), be it lateral or campus recruitment, is going through a complete face-lift, with Artificial Intelligence playing a huge role in it. The inclusion of AI systems in TA is to majorly reduce human effort and increase the speed of task completion and attain higher accuracy levels.

One of McKinsey’s forecasts claims that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a nearly $13 trillion impact on the global economy. A sizable chunk of that impact will be felt in talent acquisition too.

Let’s see how AI in assessments helps campus recruiters.

AI-based Assessments Are Redefining Campus Recruitment

Role of AI in Assessments

AI-based assessments are fast becoming an obvious and first choice of recruiters across industries. From chatbot-type conversations to algorithm-based inputs, AI enhances candidate as well as recruiter experience. With AI improving the quality of talent assessments, unbiased talent acquisition seems inevitable in modern times.

Elements That Make AI Vital For New-age Assessments

Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Machine Learning in Digital Interviews

AI has the ability to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data. Machine Learning algorithms are widely used in predictive analytics that helps recruiters make accurate decisions about candidates. Pattern matching helps in reducing human tasks such as facial recognition and identifying emotions. Natural language processing with its text and speech analytics can be extremely useful in identifying underlying meanings during the interview process.

Intelligent Screening to Shortlist Candidates

Think about sifting through thousands of applications to choose the right candidates for the next round of shortlisting. This is where AI, with its advanced machine learning algorithms, helps in eliminating these complex processes. Shortlisting of candidates is done quite easily and accurately, based on the preferences you feed into the AI system.

Recruiter Chatbots to Engage in Conversation

Recruiter chatbots are the next innovation in the AI space. This is being tested to initiate interaction with candidates and assess them by asking questions about the job and their skills. The chatbots also provide real-time updates on the next steps to be followed. With constant upgradation, recruiter chatbots can help improve candidate experience to a large extent.

Advantages of AI-based Assessments

There are significant advantages in using AI-based assessments in the space of campus recruitment. Automation with the help of AI ensures faster turnarounds for tasks such as candidate registration, ID card generation, ID verification, the authenticity of candidate (detecting impersonation), etc. The resultant time saved enhances candidates’ experience and increases the efficiency of the HR team.

Precise Analysis

It is a given that AI can handle and analyze massive amounts of data efficiently. A task that might be impossible by human effort. With AI’s advanced algorithms, candidate data can be analyzed accurately to help make precise decisions.

Fraud-proof Assessments

With image and voice recognition technologies pre-built in the AI-based assessment systems, suspicious behavior can easily be detected and avoided. Any suspicious movement or change in facial behaviour can trigger warnings. This helps shortlist the right candidates for an organization.

Reduce Bias

Recruitment, whether accepted or not, could be influenced by a certain level of personal bias. This can affect the selection process significantly. With the use of AI-based assessment systems, recruiters can get rid of any underlying biases to select only the best candidates for job openings.

Artificial Intelligence has, indeed, transformed the way the world lives and does business. With all its advantages, AI could surely turn out to be a boon to the recruitment industry as a whole. With AI being used right from sourcing and interviewing to onboarding and coaching new recruits, it seems to welcome greater possibilities in talent acquisition.
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