Online Recruitment: A flash in the pan or the real deal?


If you are in recruitment, you must be feeling like you’re in one of those high velocity “insanity” rides in an amusement park. Yes, there was that lull when the industry went quiet during the lockdown. But now that recruitment has started in earnest again, you must be scrambling to meet the ever-present demand for top quality talent, while navigating this completely new pandemic-driven landscape. The need of the hour is to overcome all geographical and logistics-based barriers and find the right talent. Once you’ve found the talent, you then need to onboard your new joinees virtually from different geographic locations. How else could you meet these new demands on the talent acquisition industry other than through online recruitment?

Like everything else, it’s not just enough to get on board with the idea of remote recruitment. You need to ensure that you have the right tools in place as well as organizational buy-in. If you think that this is just a momentary trend brought on by COVID-19, we are here to tell you that virtual hiring is here to stay. In fact,as per the Litter annual employment survey, some of the key components of remote hiring have been emerging since 2019 itself. The pandemic pushed this trend into the spotlight in 2020.

A recent survey done by FutureLearn also gives us some food for thought.

  • More than 50% of recruiters said they used remote hiring techniques during the lockdown
  • 14% of recruiters believe they saw a reduction in the levels of unconscious bias through the hiring process
  • 66% of recruiters are expecting to move to a more hybrid model of hiring in the future
  • 25% feel they are not prepared or trained to shift to the new way of working

Advantage, virtual recruitment!

Despite this year’s pandemic-induced hiring freeze, when it comes to high-quality talent, it is still a candidate market out there. You need to project the right image to attract the right talent. In the current climate of social distancing, remote hiring or virtual hiring is actually a necessity. Adopting remote or virtual hiring indicates that you are not only factoring the limitations of time and space through technology, but also addressing the candidate’s personal well-being.


Here are a host of other reasons why virtual recruitment will endure in the future too.

  • Time-saving: Automation hastens the entire recruitment process.
  • Candidate screening: An AI-powered remote recruitment software would allow you to parse a large amount of resumes/jobs in a scalable manner.
  • Improved quality of hire: Online assessment tools help remove some of the biases that might affect the hiring process. For example, HirePro’s fraud proof assessments, end-to-end automation and flawless video interviews improves the quality of hire significantly. This creates a fairer hiring experience that produces better long-term results.
  • Bulk hiring across locations: You can attract a larger pool of applicants and effectively reach and evaluate all of them anytime, remotely. This would allow you to bring in uniquely-skilled resources from anywhere in the world.

While the age-old norm in recruitment demanded face-to-face interactions, video interviews is the new path to explore and adopt.

Get it right and ace online recruitment!

Technology is the cornerstone of any remote recruitment platform. You will need the right tools to source, screen, interview, select, and onboard employees virtually from different geographic locations.

Here are some of the tools you should keep an eye out for:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Recruitment CRMs
  • Skill Testing Tools
  • Psychometric Testing Tools
  • Video Interview Platform
  • Candidate Satisfaction Surveys
  • Background Check Tools
  • Reference Check Tools


If you want to harness the power of the digital space and reach out to a lot of qualified candidates at once with a minimal budget, you could also consider holding a virtual job fair. The format of a virtual career fair can be as diverse as the candidates you wish to reach. Many recruiting technology companies offer hosting platforms for webinars and chats that you could use to host specific events.

While evaluating all these tools and methods, do keep in mind that technology is just the skeleton with which you can give shape and life to your online recruitment process. You’ll need to reengineer your strategies and equip yourself with the right skills to tackle this paradigm shift in recruitment. Because, virtual recruitment is definitely here to stay!

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