Surge in Online Proctoring
During COVID-19

The current pandemic brought in its wake a lot of changes to the way businesses work. One of the major things industries, and the education sector, in particular, have had to endure is a setback in the way assessments or exams were conducted.
With students or candidates unable to take assessments in prescribed centers, a huge question mark arose in the selection process of candidates in campus recruitment.
Emerging technologies have hugely impacted the space of assessments, with educational institutes and organizations slowly moving towards online assessments. Any exam or assessment would definitely need a proctor, a person overseeing the candidates taking up the assessment. With assessments shifting online, proctoring also shifted online.

What is Online Proctoring?

Online proctoring is still a new technology that not many organizations or educational institutions are completely aware of. Online or e-proctoring is a way to proctor assessments conducted online. Monitoring software is used in places where the online assessments are conducted to oversee the candidates taking up the assessments. Many organizations have come forward to invite educational institutions and recruiters from other organizations to test online proctoring software for their examination and recruiting needs.

Types of Online Proctoring

There are three main types of online proctoring:

  • Live Online Proctoring:
      A proctor monitors all the candidate’s camera, microphone, and screen during the course of the assessment.
  • Recorded Proctoring:
      A proctor plays back recordings of audio-video and screen share feeds of candidates to check for any suspicious activity.
  • Advanced Automated Proctoring:
       An AI-backed proctoring records assessments in real-time, alongside monitoring the feeds for suspicious activity.
  • Why Online Proctoring?

    The idea of online proctoring could still be new for organizations and educational institutions to adapt to. But one point that cannot be ignored is that the advantages that come packaged with it makes it possible to assess students and recruit candidates very effectively.

    Assessments more scalable & accessible
    With assessments going online they became more scalable and accessible. Organizations have the option to conduct interviews and assessments remotely, and candidates have the option to take them from anywhere in the world. This opened doors to more candidates being reachable for recruiting or selection.

    Online assessments have brought in a lot of flexibility to candidates and recruiters alike. The advent of online assessments and proctoring have brought in the freedom to schedule assessments at a mutually convenient time or conduct asynchronous assessments. Recruiters can schedule assessments and candidates can take it anytime convenient to them.

    Works for any type of assessment/ interview
    Online proctoring works just fine for any type of assessment or interview. Technical, functional, coding, anything. Be it multiple-choice questions, essay type, or aptitudes, with online, there is no boundary to proctoring or conducting assessments, which makes it versatile and convenient.

    Detects frauds accurately
    Online proctoring, with the latest technology available, can detect frauds more accurately than in-person proctoring. A slight change or movement on the side of the candidate can easily be found out with the help of online proctoring software.

    Prevents impersonation
    Along with detecting fraudulent activity, online proctoring also prevents impersonation. There is no scope for a candidate to let another person take an assessment when online assessment tools have analyzed and saved candidate information accurately.

    Overall, with online proctoring, the candidate and interviewer experience is only bound to increase multi-fold, in a positive way, that is! Anytime, anywhere assessments, with no need of inconvenient, time-consuming commutes! Perfect recipe for a wonderful candidate and interviewer experience, alike.

    Scope of Online Proctoring

    The scope of online proctoring is only bound to increase in the coming years, with a lot of big organizations investing in the technology. Considering the advantages and ease of use, it is safe to say that online proctoring is here to stay.
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