What are coding tests, and how do they help recruiters?

Organisations are constantly looking for high calibre tech talent in an increasingly tech-driven world. As the demand for tech candidates rises, organisations are opting for high volume hiring to replenish their talent pool. In this context, time, cost and efficiency are factors that pose a challenge to large scale hiring. In addition, candidate impersonation is emerging as a significant obstacle. Inefficient screening processes and inadequately designed technical evaluation methods are also depriving organisations of the right tech talent. To meet tech talent requirements, recruiters are now favouring coding tests over legacy hiring practices to gauge the overall technical capabilities of candidates and make data-driven hiring decisions.

What are coding tests?

Coding tests are programming challenges presented to a developer or programmer to assist recruiters in evaluating their technical competency. A good coding test measures not only the candidate’s understanding of coding but also their problem-solving capacity. Based on the role’s requirement, coding tests also assess traits such as logical reasoning, programming language-specific proficiency and workplace potential.

Let’s explore how coding tests help you find the best tech talent for your team.

Identify high calibre tech candidates with ease

To meet the challenges of a dynamic tech landscape, organisations are seeking tech talent that is not only well-versed in technical knowledge but can also perform competently in real-world scenarios. Coding tests use objective criteria and evaluate candidates based on their algorithmic skills and actual programming abilities to help you screen every candidate to sift out high-quality tech talent quickly and with ease.

Conduct tests in the desired programming language

The number of programming languages is ever increasing. Recruitment platforms offer coding tests with a repository of questions in a wide range of programming languages such as Bash, C, C++, Java 7, Node.js, PHP, Python, MySQL, HTML and CSS. They also allow you to conduct precise assessments for screenings, in-depth skill assessments and hackathons, as per your requirements.

Ensure fitment of tests to the role

Building an effective coding team requires hiring candidates with technical prowess, creativity, unique thinking and remarkable problem-solving ability. Recruitment platforms allow you to customise coding tests to match the role precisely and evaluate candidates in an array of skills and abilities associated with the role. They enable you to tailor coding tests in terms of different questions, question formats and skills to make sure the test captures the exact skill set and capabilities required for the role.

Detect impersonation and cheating

Advanced recruitment platforms offer several features such as impersonation and multiple people detection, code playbacks and plagiarism reports. They also provide features such as AI-powered live and automated proctoring to ensure that the integrity of coding tests is maintained. Besides, automated warnings, browser security and complete access control help you administer, supervise and evaluate coding tests securely.

Reduce subjectivity and bias

Fair evaluation of a candidate’s abilities is vital to securing the best tech talent. Subjectivity and conscious and unconscious biases such as confirmation bias, gender bias, halo effect, beauty bias and conformity bias can influence the selection of a candidate. These biases can be eliminated or mitigated with coding tests that are objective by design. Further, recruitment platforms provide comprehensive data on the test results, allowing you to select candidates based on accurate data related to their performance.


Coding tests have become integral to the tech hiring process. They optimise tech recruitment at scale by providing an accurate overview of a candidate’s technical abilities and reducing the time-to-hire. They also help avoid long, tedious and ambiguous interviews by providing talking points based on the candidate’s coding test results. Besides, coding tests conducted using recruitment platforms also provide recruiters with customisable tools and interactive interfaces to help them choose the best tech talent while keeping subjectivity at bay. Thus, coding tests deliver long-term results and boost employee retention by allowing recruiters to witness a candidate’s true potential. The candidates are observed in a simulated coding environment that indicates their performance in an actual, on-the-job coding environment.

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