Why video interviewing is a must in the hiring process

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Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits they offer to both recruiters and candidates. For recruiters, they simplify the scheduling process, enhance performance tracking and make the interview process consistent. Candidates prefer video interviews because they save time, offer flexibility and help them stand out from the crowd.

Video interviews are here to stay and soon switching to this mode will no longer be an option but a must for recruiters.

How a virtual interview works

Virtual interviews are conducted with the help of video interviewing software. The software facilitates video chat between the recruiter and candidates.

In a video chat, the recruiters and hiring managers meet the candidate through the software. The recruiter must inform the candidates well in advance about the interview software that they will be using. This will give the candidates time to download and familiarise themselves with the platform.

The recruiter and candidate must ensure that their internet works seamlessly during the entire interview.

Recruiters also have the option to use pre-recorded interviews with video interviewing software. Here, candidates are asked to answer pre-recorded or written interview questions within a limited timeframe. Recruiters can review the answers later.

Why choose video interviewing

  • It speeds up and simplifies the recruiting process.
  • It minimises unnecessary pre-interview time, giving recruiters more time to focus on other aspects of recruitment.
  • It makes screening a large number of candidates easy.
  • It eliminates the need for multiple in-person interviews.
  • It enables candidates to move through the interview funnel despite their busy schedules.
  • It improves collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters.
  • It reduces costs.
  • It overcomes bottlenecks in processes like candidate screening, interview scheduling and more.

How to choose the best video interviewing software for your business

A robust video interviewing software is a must for a seamless interview process. There are several platforms available in the market and selecting the best can be difficult. It is recommended that you compare the features of different platforms and choose the one that includes all the features that you require for your recruitment process.

The Hirepro video interviewing platform is an all-in-one platform that includes all the features required for end-to-end interviewing.

Video interview trends in modern recruitment

Video interviewing makes the interview process seamless, enhancing the recruiter and candidate experience. It is being widely adopted by recruiters across the globe. This fact is endorsed by statistics: the video interviewing software market is projected to reach USD 536.85 million by 2028, up from USD 246.34 million in 2022.

One of the factors that is fuelling this growth is the advancement in 5G technology. Besides this, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and others also play a vital role in this growth.

RPA automates several routine tasks like sending emails to candidates, scheduling interviews, applicant tracking and more.

AI-based software is fast making inroads into virtual interviewing. AI analyses the key attributes and achievements of potential candidates accurately and in a short time. AI also analyses technical and psychological factors. Analysis using AI provides valuable insights to recruiters.

The video interviewing software is essentially of two types: mobile apps and web-based. Web-based software dominated in 2021 because it is easy to install and run. It also saves operating costs for the organisation.

With innovative technologies making inroads into the field of video interviewing, it is set to cause major disruptions in traditional interviewing techniques.


Video interviewing is becoming a popular interviewing method worldwide because it overcomes all the shortcomings of traditional interviewing methods. The video interviewing software streamlines different stages of the interview process, from candidate screening to the final interview. Technology supports recruiters, enabling them to make the right decisions in a quick time.