75% Recruiters Claim Skill-Based Hiring Will Take Centre Stage: Report

A report by HirePro revealed that 75 percent of recruiters anticipate that skill-based hiring would take centre stage in the coming 18 months. The report said a job posting usually receives about 250 applicants, but less than 10 get shortlisted underlining the fact that the recruiters are significantly overburdened with resumes vis-a-vis job openings. The study found that job seekers often adopt a ‘spray and pray’ approach, with a candidate approximately sending out 110 applications. As a result, overwhelmed recruiters may rush their decisions, leading to substandard hires and genuinely qualified candidates getting unintentionally overlooked.

The report uncovered that despite including a plethora of skills on their resumes, many candidates lack substantial professional experience or subject-matter expertise in those areas. It stressed a significant 56 per cent of candidates claim proficiency in skills they have limited knowledge of.

Commenting on the report, S Pasupathi, Chief Operating Officer of HirePro, said, “Candidates selected through skill assessments outperform their counterparts in their roles. Notably, our report highlights a substantial difference in performance review scores when comparing individuals hired through skill-based assessments with those hired through traditional methods.”

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