85% Jobseekers Lie On Their CVs Amid Ultra-competitive Hiring At Companies

For most people searching for a white-collar job, sending out their resume in response to a job posting marks the first step of the application process. This document, showcasing the candidates’ past accomplishments, skills, and pedigree, is expected to be a reliable representation of the applicant’s suitability for the job. However, in the highly competitive job market, resumes have become a rather unreliable and unviable tool to accurately assess a candidate.

According to a report by recruiting firm HirePro, there are approximately 250 applications per job listing. The huge inflow of candidate resumes happens because companies use social media bombardment, messaging groups, employee referrals, and other strategies to reach their ‘ideal’ candidates.

“The overwhelmed recruiter, in turn, chooses random or hasty selection strategies which leads to genuinely qualified candidates getting ignored,” the HirePro report, released on October 12, said. An estimated 10-20 applications must be filled before the jobseeker can land an interview. Further, around 10-15 of these interviews are needed to get an offer.

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