Foreign Degrees Lose ‘Edge’ In India Job Market As Students Struggle To Find Employment

Holding a degree from a foreign institution has always been held in high regard in India. While it was a novelty in the pre- and post-independence era, more students were able to go abroad to get degrees from other countries after liberalisation in 1991. With a generation of parents having more expendable income to send their children abroad for an education, the number has increased manifold over the past decade.

The aim is either to find a job abroad or to come back with a degree from an international university to have an edge over other job seekers in India.

Over 13 lakh students from India have gone abroad to pursue higher education from India in 2022. While many such students are coming back to India, their international degrees aren’t helping them.

Recruiters said that companies are not looking to hire people specifically for their foreign degrees either. S Pasupathi, COO at HirePro, which specialises in campus hiring, told The Core, “While seeking talent, employers are not very particular about an international degree holder. In fact, there might be additional validation done for such candidates to check salary expectations and long term interest in working out of India.”

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