How do employers rate the benefits of remote hiring?

With news of layoffs and fear of recession gripping businesses worldwide, employers are desperately adopting measures to save costs. As the hybrid model of work gains in popularity, employers are trying to cash in on the benefits of remote hiring, in terms of cost and time saving. Here’s what a market study reveals.

Of the 279 recruiters as well as talent-acquisition and HR professionals interviewed across industries and verticals, 38 per cent said that in terms of campus hiring, the biggest benefit of remote hiring was cost saving. About 34 per cent, of those covered in the market study by HirePro, said it was time saving, while 22 per cent said wider access to the talent pool was the biggest benefit. About 21 per cent felt remote hiring led to better candidate screening time, while 24 per cent said it resulted in process efficiency. A significant 21 per cent admitted to remote hiring being more convenient and giving better experience to recruiters and candidates.

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