Podcast by Entreprenur Lounge of India on HirePro’s business model, key USPs and Mr. Anshuman’s entrepreneurial Journey

In an episode by Entreprenur Lounge of India, Anshuman Das, the Co-Founder & CEO of Careernet, HirePro, and LONGHOUSE Consulting shares his remarkable journey from his upbringing in Lucknow, India, to his studies at IIT Delhi during the late 90s. He started his career at Infosys but quickly realised that his passion lay elsewhere. This led him to embark on a transformative entrepreneurial path that would shape his future.

Tune in to discover the pivotal moments that shaped Anshuman’s trajectory, including the inception of Careernet in 1999. As the conversation unfolds, Anshuman delves into the creation of HirePro, a revolutionary platform for university hiring and assessments. Fast forward to more recent times, Anshuman’s insights about entering the startup ecosystem and the creation of LONGHOUSE Consulting offer valuable lessons on adaptability and staying ahead of the curve.

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