Final-year students must think beyond traditional resumes to crack the entry-level code; Suggests report

70% of employers do not trust resumes and students must develop skill-focussed portfolios and network with key recruiters to better convince employers on their capability to perform a particular role well, according to a recent report by HirePro.

The report also indicates that while 92% of job descriptions specify behavioural requirements, only 38% of resumes mention behavioural traits.

The report titled ‘No Resumes Please: Paving the way for talent-centric recruitment’ was compiled based on an analysis of 40,00,000 candidate resumes, 3,000 job postings, more than 500 corporate customers and 3,000+ recruiters and hiring managers surveyed, as per the release.

“It is pertinent to note that candidates use behavioural skills in a generic sense. It is not realised that mere mention of skills does not mean every candidate has those specific skills. One needs to have practised them in real time too. A candidate can showcase their behavioural skills at the time of interview or assessments only when they have built on these skill sets practically. Key behavioural skills include effective communication, teamwork and collaboration, adaptability, critical thinking, creative problem-solving abilities, leadership potential and more,” S Pasupathi, chief operating officer, HirePro said.

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