AI and analytics revolutionizing hiring in the new-age work world

Companies have been quicker in adapting to the normal and adopting tools that are most favorable for them and profitable for both companies and the employees. The traditional methods are not relevant anymore; be it technology or the culture, everything requires a mandatory update.

Digital transformation has taken the world by storm, be it hiring or onboarding, or working remotely. Technology has given us the wings to fly and enabled us with different tools to make the whole experience one of a kind. A report by McKinsey suggests that the speed at which companies adopted the change has been 20 to 25 times faster than expected. In the case of remote working, companies moved 40 times more quickly than they thought was possible before the pandemic. Without the intervention, it would have taken more than a year to implement the switch to remote working. In reality, it took an average of 11 days to implement a workable solution, and nearly all of the companies have stood up for workable solutions within a few months.

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