When candidates cheat in virtual interviews

While remote work offers umpteen benefits for employees, one of the big pluses for recruiters is an unprecedented expansion of their talent pool. No longer hemmed in by geography, employers can hire people from different cities and even countries. Though many companies are moving to hybrid work, remote working, in some form, is here to stay. And that goes for recruitment as well.

Many firms rely on online assessments and interviews, especially for entry-level positions. However, a report by HirePro, a recruitment automation and assessment solutions provider, serves as a wake-up call regarding the propensity of candidates to cheat on these tests.

The figures published by HirePro suggest that cheating is fairly widespread for entry-level positions. Asma Jalan (name changed), a talent acquisition manager at a SAS-based technology start-up, avers that cheating is quite rampant. The report claims that the most common method of cheating involves another person sitting next to and aiding the candidate. Jalan observes that help is given either by writing answers and showing the candidate or even whispering in the background. So, insecurity in one’s abilities, poor test-taking skills and test anxiety possibly contribute to first-timers’ propensity to cheat.

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