Fraud-proof talent assessments with remote proctoring

The digital disruption of recruitment has meant that the hiring process has been indelibly transformed. Online talent assessments are now increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer. This brings a very important aspect of assessments under scrutiny, namely, remote proctoring. With candidates appearing for online talent assessments, proctoring needs to be fool-proof and ensure that no one can resort to unfair means. Several hiring tools and platforms have built-in remote proctoring features, which means that recruiters have the flexibility to conduct talent assessments, candidates can appear for tests at their convenience and recruiters can now reach a wider pool of candidates than ever before.

There are different types of remote proctoring: live, recorded and automated. In live proctoring, a person remotely monitors an online assessment, pretty much as in the case of an offline assessment. Rules are established for the examination to ensure that the proctor can get a good view of the candidate and the surrounding environment. The proctor is trained to monitor the session for any suspicious movements, facial expressions and so on. There may be a limited number of candidates allowed per assessment to ensure effective proctoring.

In recorded proctoring, the online assessment is recorded and played back later to ensure that the candidate has not resorted to any unfair means during the examination. On the other hand, automated proctoring solutions eliminate the necessity of roping in human proctors. By using online assessments with AI-driven automated proctoring, recruiters have the complete freedom and flexibility to conduct large-scale talent assessments with minimal human intervention.

The benefits of remote proctoring 

Remote proctoring tools are a crucial link in a virtual and hybrid recruitment process. They offer several features that make them attractive to recruiters.

Automated candidate authentication: Candidate registrations can be automated. AI-powered impersonation detection ensures that only verified candidates take the assessment. Face recognition technology can be used for ID verification.

Cost and time savings: Convenience and flexibility for both recruiters and candidates are obvious advantages. Automated proctoring means that recruiters need only a minimum number of human proctors, and this is especially beneficial for large-volume hiring such as campus recruitments. Candidates need not travel for assessments, and companies can save significant costs due to fewer logistical requirements for conducting the tests.

Remote monitoring: With video and audio surveillance, the assessment can be monitored for its entirety, minimising the possibility of fraud. Backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), both live and automated proctoring tools offer alerts in case there are cross-conversations, blocked cameras or missing candidates. With features such as browser monitoring and navigation control, tighter security can be ensured. Suspicious activity can be flagged.

Wider candidate pool: By employing remote proctoring tools in conjunction with virtual talent assessments, recruiters have access to a wider candidate pool. You can now access candidates in remote geographic locations, and have your pick of the best talent.

Fraud-proof talent assessments with remote proctoring

Scale up with ease: Automated remote proctoring adds scalability to virtual recruitment. Recruiters no longer need to worry about the availability of proctors to schedule talent assessments.

Minimise bias: Remote proctoring tools offer complete session recording and audit trails. This enables data-driven decision making and ensures that all candidates get a fair and equitable assessment.

Ease of integration: Remote proctoring tools can easily integrate into the recruitment tool stack or hiring platform. This speeds up the hiring process and results in reduced turnaround times.

Acquiring top talent has several challenges, not the least of which is conducting fair online assessments. Remote proctoring solutions enable a data-driven, bias-free hiring process while improving recruiter productivity and increasing flexibility for both candidates and recruiters. Providing a secure environment for candidates to take online assessments with a fair and equitable selection process is a necessary criterion for the virtual hiring process. Companies must choose the best remote proctoring solutions without compromising candidate safety and privacy while ensuring compliance, protecting intellectual property and ensuring test integrity.

HirePro’s AI-powered proctoring solution offers fraud proof assessments and interviews, with both live and automated proctoring modes. AI-based solutions can authenticate candidates by employing facial recognition technology, and enable automated proctoring with eye movement detection, facial detection, and monitoring the audio and video feed. A holistic remote proctoring solution should be balanced, with an optimum combination of technology and human intervention where necessary.