​​How does recruiting automation improve the candidate experience?

The recruitment process has undergone a sea of change in the past couple of years. Organisations are competing to woo the best talent in a market where there is a dearth of quality talent.

The needs of candidates have changed. Candidates today are looking at factors beyond the salary and perks. They choose the organisation they want to work with based on the experience it offers. The first interaction of a candidate with the organisation is the recruitment process and they will join only if they are happy with their initial interaction with the company. Hence, the focus of recruiters has shifted to providing a great candidate experience. Data shows that “a positive candidate experience makes a candidate 38% more likely to accept a job offer from a company.

One of the most effective ways to enhance candidate experience is by automating talent acquisition. Bots perform several tasks like application tracking, onboarding, etc., seamlessly. Automation in talent acquisition increases the speed of the hiring process and enhances accuracy. A faster and error-free hiring process offers a great candidate experience.

​​How does recruiting automation improve the candidate experience?

How to automate the recruitment process?

In legacy systems, recruiters have to read through applications, filter them, schedule meetings, engage with job-related platforms, write job descriptions, and more.
Recruitment automation platforms like HirePro automate manual workflows and make the recruitment process seamless.
Automation technology performs recruitment-related tasks like candidate sourcing, communication, scheduling, assessments, etc., and relieves the HR team from low-impact time-consuming tasks.
Automation speeds up the front end of the hiring process by bringing forth the best candidates, conducting skill tests, auto-scheduling interviews, and more. This enables recruiters to fill up the vacancies faster.

AI-based software scours the database and offers you a list of pre-qualified candidates based on the experience and skill sets you have specified.
It collects and analyses data and offers a comprehensive overview of your hiring process. This data also provides you insights into the lacunae in your existing process.
Recruiting software streamlines communication by ensuring that emails and other communication are sent to the candidates in a timely manner.
Recruiters can spend more time on personal interactions with the candidates and pursue candidates who are the best fit for the company and the role.

How recruiting automation enhances candidate experience?

Recruiting automation enhances candidate experience in the following ways:

Simplifies form filling
Data reveals that 60% of candidates have abandoned a job application because of its length and complexity. Automation software simplifies the process so that candidates are more inclined towards completing the process.

Faster process
Delays in different stages of the recruitment process have a negative impact on the candidate. Automation speeds up several repetitive processes and consequently speeds up the recruitment cycle.

Effective communication
Automation software can manage large volumes of emails and other forms of communication. It ensures regular communication with the candidate and keeps the candidate updated through different stages of the recruitment cycle. Automation can also provide feedback to candidates who have not made it.
Clear communication helps build trust and offers a great candidate experience.

Recruitment software includes features that facilitate conducting skill tests, interviews, etc., virtually. Candidates can take up tests/ interviews from a location of their choice.

Personal attention
Automation frees up recruiters from mechanical tasks so that they can focus on more “human” tasks like personal interactions with candidates. Personal interactions with recruiters enhance the candidate experience. They reflect a positive image of the company as an organisation that cares for its people.

While many fear that automation will replace recruiters, this is far from reality. In fact, recruiting software assists recruiters in better outcomes. Recruiting automation improves the candidate experience in more ways than one. HirePro is one of the leading hiring platforms that automate the end-to-end hiring process giving you more quality time with candidates.

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