How post-offer engagement helps in reducing offer declines

While recruiting new hires, talent acquisition teams make use of strategies that facilitate the onboarding process. Several candidates receive numerous offers from companies and HR recruiters need to strive to increase their pool of employees.

Keeping the candidates interested in an opportunity by finding the right ones is crucial for a company’s growth. If they understand the company’s vision, it becomes easier for the recruiting teams to scout for the right talent. After receiving the offer letter, it is the sole responsibility of the HR managers to communicate with the prospective employees and ignite their enthusiasm towards working for the organisation.

Platforms such as HirePro ensure that HR recruiters and talent acquisition teams develop strategies for an effective post-offer engagement.

How post offer engagement helps in reducing offer declines

Here’s a rundown on why a post-offer engagement is necessary for reducing offer declines:

Provides information about the company and the onboarding process 

By providing necessary information about the organisation, the HR personnel can spark the interest of the employees. The potential hires may be introduced to new colleagues, offered welcome letters and updated on the seminars or workshops that are to be conducted.

Recruiting talent that nurtures the company’s growth is a smart move. Organisations can introduce the prospective employees to the practices they follow and give them an insight into the workplace through constant interaction with potential employees.

Walking the candidates through the process by giving introductory lectures and presenting videos is a good way to inculcate a good work ethic. By having effective conversations with HR managers, the potential employees get to learn about the company’s ethos.

Also, a healthy interaction with the prospective employee removes all ambiguities about the job. It provides him or her with some peace of mind as he or she gets to understand and assimilate the work process.

Apart from this, the potential hire may also be told about the protocols that the company follows. The individuals may be introduced to the fundamentals of the firm and the structure of work that it follows, thus allowing them to make sensible decisions.

The panel should communicate with the employees in a polite tone, convincing them about the advantages in availing of a good career opportunity. Besides, it is essential to make every person feel valued by being respectful, listening to them and offering valuable suggestions.

Bridges the communication gap

With the use of conference apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, the hiring team sets up virtual sessions with the prospective employees. These ice-breaking sessions might be a welcome gesture that invokes interest and creates a light atmosphere.

In addition, telephonic conversations, social media and WhatsApp messages might be effective ways to build a rapport with the candidates. The recruiters and the employees develop a liaison through effective communication,  such as sending mail, exchanging text messages, making video calls and talking over the phone.

The talent acquisition team could provide a worthwhile candidate experience by addressing their queries and resolving their issues at the earliest. HR personnel should not hesitate to answer queries. They should  try to learn more about the prospective employee’s past experiences, work profiles and things that interest them. They can build camaraderie by sending season’s greetings, birthday messages, newsletters, cards and other messages. These could drive onboarding activities towards active engagement.

Besides, the recruiters or HR team members may discuss task requirements with the potential hires. They can go over the guidelines or pointers that need to be followed without fail. The HR personnel may communicate the expectations of customers and clients and persuade them effectively. The companies must have backup plans if things don’t go as planned.

Works towards elevating the stature of the organisation 

Offering a few words of encouragement to the prospective recruits boosts their morale. They are motivated to be the best version of themselves at work. Talk about job security, elaborate on the new opportunities for growth and highlight value-addition. The scale might tip in your favour and the person might wholeheartedly accept the offer.

Also, it is extremely important to provide the person with constructive feedback so that he or she may work on the grey areas. Wherever there is potential for professional development, the HR staff could share their insights at each stage of the hiring process.

Thus, companies must communicate effectively with the prospective employees. They need to discuss all the aspects of recruitment with the candidates and engage with them in a way that ignites their interest in working for the organisation. Nowadays, it is necessary to have healthy interactions if you wish to reduce offer declines.