Kickstart your recruitment with Asynchronous interviews

Startups face their own special brand of recruitment challenges. As they are relative unknowns they need a higher ratio of candidates to open positions as the percentage of offer acceptances could be lower than the average.  Their limited resources also adversely affect the situation. They also need to establish a very good impression with the candidates from the get go. Asynchronous interviews are a very useful tool in the recruitment toolkit of a startup.

Asynchronous video interviews allow you the advantages of an in-person interview without the hassle of scheduling interviews that suit both the interviewer as well as the interviewee. This form of interviewing is also known as one-way video interviews or pre-recorded video interviews. You initiate the process by inviting candidates to participate in an asynchronous interview. The invitation normally includes instructions on how to proceed with the interview. Predefined questions in video, audio, or written form are typically presented to the candidates.  

Kickstart your recruitment with Asynchronous interviews

Candidates are usually given a limited number of retakes for each question, which adds a sense of pressure to simulate a real interview situation. These recorded responses are then reviewed by hiring managers or recruiters at a later time at their convenience.

Asynchronous interviews allow startups to make the recruitment process more flexible, while significantly decreasing time to hire. You have the added advantage of designing a unique candidate experience that will boost your employer brand. 

The Benefits of Asynchronous Video Interviews for startups

  • Flexibility and global reach

Startups attract candidates from various backgrounds and time zones. Asynchronous interviews provide flexibility, allowing candidates to participate in the interview process without having to align with specific interview slots.  Startups can also engage with candidates from diverse geographic locations with this mode of recruitment.

  • Time and cost efficiency

Allowing recruiters to review candidate responses at their convenience, reduces the need for multiple rounds of scheduling and coordination.This is a welcome cost and time saver for a bootstrapped startup.

  • Objective assessment and bias reduction

Candidates are evaluated on the basis of the same set of questions and the evaluation is done by multiple stakeholders. This makes the entire process more objective while reducing the probability of bias.

  • Collaborative decision-making

You can involve multiple team members in the hiring process by sharing recorded interviews. This allows for collaborative decision-making and helps ensure that candidates align with the team’s values and culture.

  • Candidate showcase and cultural fit

This hiring technique allows candidates to showcase their communication skills, thought process, and personality through recorded responses. It gives the hiring team much needed insight into the cultural fit of the candidate in an unbiased environment.

Tips and strategies to enhance the recruiting process

Asynchronous interviews can be used most effectively when combined with live interviews. While asynchronous interviews can be used for screening and speeding up the funnel, live interviews can be used for further assessments. This works as a very efficient dyad while giving the candidate the best interview experience possible. You can further improve the interview process by gathering feedback not only from the candidate but also from the interviewers. This allows you to continuously improve your hiring process.

Incorporating asynchronous video interviews into your hiring process enables you to streamline your recruitment efforts. It is also the best way to  identify best-fit candidates by focusing your limited resources on the most promising candidates. However, it’s imperative that you strike a much needed balance between such processes and personal interactions to ensure the most optimal evaluation of candidates.